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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Today's show 14/02/12

You gave a nice bit of advance warning of today's topics for those of us that watch your Twitter feed. It was at 08:55 that this appeared: Today's stories @BBCRadio2 in four words: Dizaei. Cancer. Moody's. Driving.

These early morning tweets are very helpful to me as they give me a lot of time to mull over what I am going to write to you each day. I am certain that this task would be more difficult without your tweets, although you may feel it a shame that there is no way to stop me from seeing them.

I don't really need any reason to switch to 6 Music at 12, but you are kind enough to provide me with no less than four such reasons again today...
1) MOODY'S - The UK is warned that its credit rating may be cut. But who exactly are Moody's - the agency that has issued the threat? : I have no idea, but a quick Google search found a Wikipedia page ('s_Investors_Service) that tells me more than I need to know. I listened to you talk to Ken earlier and it was clear that you were going to expand this topic to cover a whole host of other issues. Like Ken, I have no view on these. My prediction is that you will have somebody there who will tell your listeners what a terrible job George Osbourne is doing with the economy, and another person there who will tell your listeners what a terrible job George Osbourne is doing with the economy. This would allow a fair and balanced debate, the kind of debate for which the Jeremy Vine Show is renowned. Are you going to have a financial expert in the studio? I thought not. And Ed Balls (who is doing the rounds of the news media today) doesn't count. Next...

CANCER TREATMENT - Would you refuse treatment for advanced cancer? : Frankly, that is none of your business. I have never had cancer, and there is no history of it in my family. I hope it stays that way. Next...

3) OLDER DRIVERS - How do you tell mum or dad that it's time to stop driving? : I didn't have to. You discussed this exact same topic just over a year ago, on 1st February 2011 (Elderly Drivers - Have you told your parents to stop driving?). I'll give the same answer as I did then: They both stopped driving over 10 years ago of their own volition. Next...

4) ALI DIZAEI - Metropolitan Police commander Ali Dizaei has been jailed for three years for corruption. Should police officers get lighter prison sentences because they are especially at risk behind bars? : What is it that saying that the law enforcement agencies use? Oh yes... If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. You described this on Ken's show as "a very interesting argument". No Jeremy, it is not.
Again, no discussion on the arrests of journalist scum from The Sun, which is surprising as it would allow another dose of Murdoch-bashing. I bet it would be different if journalist scum from The Guardian were involved...!
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Will said...

Ken's 5 minute bit was really good again.Ken seems to definately be sending JV a meessage.Talking about JV being a target and how would JV handle jail if he ran across people who didnt like him.

Also said 'We cant stopping you coming in here'

In the words of Director Kevin Smith 'They are sending you a message (Jeremy)'

Im podcasting a lot of shows recently so going to start listening to them instead of live Radio.You can even do full shows that dont have podcasts.

Will said...

Forgot to say Ive gone over to Ab 80's at 12.25 as couldnt stand it any longer and its JV that has turned me off as the 2 songs played after 12(Madonna&Adel) were really good.

On the move today as otherwise I'd be watching Moonlighting on CBS Freesat.

gill said...

And nothing about alleged slave labour by IV's beloved apple.