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Friday, 10 February 2012

Today's show 10/02/12

A quick one today...

I had to laugh today as I received an emailed receipt acknowledgement for my appeal letter to the BBC Trust. An email. They insist that all of my communications with them are on printed and posted paper. How quaint. One rule for the BBC, and one for everybody else.

1) EMPLOYING DOMESTIC HELP - Prime Minister David Cameron is interested in an idea which will give you a tax break for employing domestic help : I feel sure that he will give it due consideration, but nothing is changing yet. Nothing changing? No wonder you are discussing it. We have no plans to hire any domestic help. Next...

2) SHYNESS - A psychiatrist manual says that shyness is a mental illness. You may be paralysed by shyness but we talk to someone who says that shy people are just being selfish. Find out more in this article from the Telegraph : Oh good, another "someone". Do you think I'm shy. Do you? Next...

3) QUANTITATIVE EASING - Printing free money or quantitative easing… What is it? How does it work? And is it good for us? : There is £100 and 100 loaves of bread costing £1 each. QE creates another £100. Each loaf now costs £2. There, you can play more music now. Next...

4) ABU QATADA - Finally, we meet the man who spent many an evening with the extremist preacher Abu Qatada. He says he found him friendly, funny and he even told racy jokes : Hang on, you used the "E" word. Did you not get the Andrew Roy's memo? (
). Is "the man" the only one to have ever done this? Is he the same as a "someone"? Perhaps they swapped ideas about what to get from their book club.

I told you it would be quick.

The Jeremy Vine Show - radio's version of quantitative easing

1 comment:

Gill said...

Snail mail? How retro!! The cynic in me reckons this is a delaying tactic. Couldn't possibly be. I should send it registered mail.
Interestingly (or not) JV made an appearance in my local pub's quiz last night. Who was the presenter on eggheads? I was the only one who knew! Aaaagh!! My friend sais 'oh, is he the smarmy, oily one?' Bet you can't guess my answer!
Had to laugh at Ken this morning. He was on a roll. JV using the stairs instead of the lift, bad workmen blaming their tools, and how JV's brother was good.
JV did actually go to some length to call AQ a radical, on air, but see from the website that the right hand is out of synch with the left hand, not abu hamsa then?