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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Today's show 08/02/12

An interesting story appeared in your beloved Dead Tree Press yesterday concerning one of your BBC colleagues. It was in the Daily Telegraph ( and your favourite Daily Mail ( Knowing how accurate and unsensationalist the Mail's reporting is (!) I shall quote from that particular organ:
BBC newsreader demands dress allowance despite earning up to £100,000-a-year
Jane Hill – who earns between £80,000 and £100,000 a year – said her male counterparts need only to change their ties, while a woman’s appearance on screen is more important now than ever. She said: ‘It’s expensive… as we have to buy all our own clothes. We’re criticised if we keep wearing the same thing, whereas male hosts only need new ties. Until that changes, we should get a dress allowance.’

I take great exception to the use of the word "earning". She may be paid £100,000 a year, but she and many other BBC talking news heads (Paxman and yourself included) certainly do not earn it. But it is not surprising to see that she is another example of a BBC face who has no knowledge of The Real World in which the rest of us live, where all kinds of working people have to buy their own workwear. One rule for the BBC, and one rule for the rest of us. Yes, that will be it. Again.

11:45, and I'm just waiting for you to update the web page...

000000000000000000000000000000000000 vccccccc   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      ..................hhhhhhhhhhh

That was a valued contribution from one of our cats as she walked across my keyboard. And in that one sentence she made more sense than anything George Galloway has ever contributed to your programme.

12:00, programme has started, and no web page update, so I shall have to type this while watching PMQs. Miliband really is rubbish, isn't he? Something needs to be done.

Oh, here we go...

1) NHS - The government is in a last ditch attempt to get its NHS reforms intact through the House of Lords today : From the BBC news page you link to: Controversial plans to overhaul the NHS in England return to the Lords later. Ah yes, England. Not Wales. We didn't have a big freeze here either. Next...

2) ABU QATADA - We can’t lock him up, we can’t extradite him, we speak to someone today who says its time to befriend Abu Qatada. Would you have the extremist cleric in your book club? : You know Jeremy, the only reason I write this stuff every day is to ridicule your programme and highlight its meaningless to me. Sometimes you make it very difficult for me, but on other occasions - like today - you make it very, very easy. My answer to your question might be "Yes", but I am not a member of a book club. Does that mean I don't need to listen? Oh good. Next...

3) TATTOO PARLOURS - A tattoo parlour in Ampthill has been sent hate mail. Some residents suggest that having a tattooist lowers the tone of the town. Find out more from Bedford Today : Our nearest town (not Ampthill) has a tattoo parlour. I am not aware, and have never heard, that anybody thinks it lowers the tone of the town. I, of course, have no opinion. Next...

4) HEALING CLAIMS - Finally, the Christians in Bath who have been banned from giving out leaflets claiming that God will heal the sick : Mars used to claim that "A Mars a day helps you work rest and play". Guinness used to claim that "Guinness is good for you". I didn't believe them either.

The Jeremy Vine Show - wondering if flared trousers qualify for a clothing allowance
(Oh, how I wish that video was still on YouTube)


Gill said...

I remember when I was in Dublin that the home for recovering alcoholica was down-wind of the Guiness brewery. A bit cruel,I thought.
Who was the someone who wanted to befriend Abu Qatada? George Galloway, Shami Chakrabati (sic)?. I used to be a member of the mystery and thriller book club, before the days of amazon. Does that count?
I suppose the news readeress has a point, but not the one she was making. However I am sure she can claim clothing tax allowance. I have missed the flared trousers reference. Does JV have a pair?
Flared nostrils, more like

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Hi Gill,

JV was a drummer in a band called The Flared Generation (7th paragraph below the picture here: A clip from the 6 O'Clock Show cropped up on one of those "Before They Were Famous" TV shows a couple of years ago with himself wearing huge flares. It then appeared on YouTube but vanished after a few weeks due to "copyright issues".

Stonyground said...

Being old enough to have been a teenager when flares were in fashion, I am not in any position to make fun of others on this particular issue. If anyone else here is still so unfashionable as to like ELP, go to You Tube and search Rachel Flowers. You will be amazed!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Hi SG,

I used to wear flares too back in the day, but this was in the 1990s.

As a massive ELP fan, I did as you suggested. Bloomin' heck ... she is amazing!

Stonyground said...

You might like to know that ELP tribute band Noddy's Puncture are playing at the King's Hall, Ilkley on the 18th of Feb. I'm going, along with a couple of mates.