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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Today's show 21/02/12

Ooohhh.... you've given me plenty to pull to pieces today, so thanks for that...

1) CONFRONTING ANDREW LANSLEY - An angry woman, June Hautot, confronts the health secretary Andrew Lansley over the government’s NHS bill. Who did you have sympathy with? We talk to Gillian Duffy, who famously confronted Gordon Brown : You said on Zoe's show "She (Hautot) had been in a union, I think". You think? Didn't you bother to check your own BBC news pages? If you'd have looked at
 you would see "One woman, June Hautot, a former Unison rep, barred his way...". Unlike yourself, I have done my research and it was Guido Fawkes who provided the answers that I was looking for, and you couldn't be bothered to find. Take a look at and you will find:
June Hautot, a former Unison rep, told the Workers Revolutionary Party magazine last month: "I’m all for occupations. That’s our only ammunition to stop closures".
She also once attempted to sue Wandsworth Council over plans to develop Battersea Power Station, but her looney-left activism doesn’t stop there. According to the Glasgow Herald in 1997 she “shared a cell with Mrs Scargill”after she was arrested with Arthur’s wife protesting open cast mines. It was inevitable this seasoned activist was going to have her moment.
In my mind, this makes her confrontation with Lansley nothing more than a publicity stunt, so my sympathies certainly do not lie with her. And it comes as no surprise to see Gillian Duffy back on your programme. After all, there is nothing quite like reliving past Jeremy Vine Show glories, is there? It is just such a shame that you won't let people confront you in the same way as Hautot confronted Lansley. Next...

2) DROUGHT - A drought has been declared in much of England. Should England be made to pay for the water it gets from Wales? : You mentioned the Tryweryn Reservoir and the flooding of Capel Celyn on Zoe's show, and "the church is under water". No, it isn't. All of the buildings were demolished before the valley was flooded. The contents of the church graveyard was removed and reinterred on the shore, and a new building provided as a memorial. Tryweryn is not the only man-made reservoir here in Wales built by the English using parliamentary powers to provide England with water, and with little say for the Welsh residents affected. Thirty five out of thirty six Welsh MPs opposed the bill to construct Tryweryn, yet still it was passed. As a result the creation of this reservoir played a big part in the desire for Welsh self-governance. Moving away from our water, I find it very interesting to see the BBC spinning the drought scare for the south east, and I was expecting you to wheel out the "climate change" argument, but it seems as though you have resisted that temptation. In the news bulletins I have heard so far, the BBC has consistently failed to point out we get plenty of rain in the UK and the south east, but we just don't catch enough of it. Can you remember when the last new reservoir was built anywhere near that there London? I can't, yet the south east has had a massive rise in population and industry over the last 15 years. The south east doesn't need more rain - it needs more storage!
And here in Wales we have sufficient water for our needs, thanks. Next...

3) MALE RAPE VICTIMS - We discuss the campaign to encourage men to be more open about male rape. Find out more from Survivors UK : Thankfully Jeremy, this has never happened to me. Next...

4) SPIDERS - Finally, a man collapses after being bitten ten times by a rare spider in Toys R Us. Find out more in this article from the Mirror : The Mirror? What's wrong with the good old ever-reliable Daily Mail, he asked sarcastically? They have covered it and give a little bit more information (
), in particular: "Mr Galton, from Southampton, Hampshire, had been aware of several stings during the day and had assumed they had come from a bee.". Several stings? And he had not bothered to look what was causing them? Am I supposed to have some sympathy with this idiot? The toy shop connection is also completely bogus, and I fail to see its relevance. Well done!

The Jeremy Vine Show - long overdue for a confrontation


Stonyground said...

I don't know if the problem is my very limited computer skills but I have constant problems at this blog, and only this blog, when it comes to posting comments. There have been many occasions when I have felt that I have something useful to say but have given up when the system has refused to recognise my username and password. The capcha codes are often unreadable, in one case this was because half of it was upside down.

Stonyground said...

The point that I wanted to make is this. how likely is it that your emails are actually read by anyone rather than just deleted? I would like to think that there are some among the BBC staff who feel as we do about JV and print your communications off, hand them round and enjoy a good laugh.

One reason that I have for believing that the emails are not read is the issue of research. To be honest, I had not really picked up on this matter until you pointed it out. JV approaches every subject from a postion of total ignorance. He openly admits to not knowing a single thing about the subject that he is discussing, as a result, when a truly ignorant caller starts spouting known falsehoods he has no defense and more often than not ends up agreeing with their absurd opinion.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks SG ... I'll have a look at the comments thing tomorrow.

I agree with you 100% about the research thing. His "I know nothing" approach is possibly unique at the BBC for a serious (ha!) journalist. Could you imagine Paxman talking about anything without having a full understanding of the subject? JV will obviously know something and some things, but he often just tries to wing it. Is this just being lazy, or deliberate?