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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Today's show 22/02/12

This BBC document was brought to my attention yesterday: I was particularly interested in the last paragraph, which says:
Where appropriate to the output, we (the BBC) should:
 - gather material using first hand sources wherever possible
 - check and cross check facts
 - validate the authenticity of documentary evidence and digital material
 - corroborate claims and allegations made by contributors wherever possible.

I wonder, how do these "shoulds" relate to your programme? Let's do a quick re-write just for the Jeremy Vine Show, shall we?
 - Gather material using first hand sources wherever possible, or just plunder it from the Daily Mail, or The Guardian
 - Check and cross check facts, or just make up facts as we go along and try to convince our listeners that this is the truth (plutonium in the Fukushima reactor, for example)
 - Validate the authenticity of documentary evidence and digital material, or just accept it at face value because it appeared in the Dead Tree Press or on YouTube
 - Corroborate claims and allegations made by contributors wherever possible, or just have a one-sided discussion so any claims and allegations cannot be challenged or defended

I have no doubt that these exacting standards will be applied to today's show, so what have we got?

1) MISSING PEOPLE - Even if your husband/wife has been missing for 7 years they can’t legally be declared as dead. MPs want the law changed : This sounds reasonable, but have you found a "someone" to say that it should not happen? Fortunately, this has never happened to me. Next...

2) RACIAL DISCRIMINATION - A white man who worked in a Chinese restaurant, and was sacked, has won a case for racial discrimination. Find out more from the Birmingham Post : Good for him. I just hope he gets his money. You said on Zoe's show, "You don't want a madras brought to your table by somebody called Martin". I am sure your listeners will be fascinated to hear your explanation of this statement, but I am not. Next...

3) DRINK DRIVING - A mother in court for drink driving was spared jail after her daughter wrote to the judge saying she was a great mum. Find out more from the Manchester Evening News : Words fail me. Next...

4) WEDDING DOOMED TO FAIL - And finally, if your best friend is about to get married, but you think the marriage will fail, what do you do? : Is this news? I would do absolutely nothing. I wouldn't make a very good listener, would I?

The Jeremy Vine Show - following BBC guidelines, occasionally


gill said...

Re number 2, why ever not. Not bothered about name, but would b a bit surprised about a madras on a Chinese beni, tho I have seen steaks! Presumably for the likes of JV

Will said...

Listening to JV with Zoe earlier he said that he saw some Flowers with a tribute on the Southbank and didnt know what happened so took the name and looked into it and found out alot about the Guy.Maybe someone should explain to JV thats called 'Research' and he should do that same thing for his topics.

Just listening to his racial topic now and its quite apparant that JV is a stuck up racist snob allegally (Thanks HIGNFY) and after his comments on Zoe bit was interested to see how he would deal with it.He asked Zoe and she said 'Im not getting involved in that'. In his show straight away he told the woman guest what to think or what she would think as in she would want a chinese waiter in a chinese restaurant.

JV-'I dont know where I stand on this which is fortunate' Bullshit-its obvious where you stand!

JV-Blah Blah Blah.
Caller'You could say that,but I wouldnt agree with you'.
JV cut her short 30 secs later and talked over her.

JV-'We are talking about Chinese Restaurants,I dont know why I said that as you are listening'

Thats one for the Sony Awards and worth every penny of that 1 million BBC salary (NOT!!!!!)

Stonyground-You dont have to log in to post as I never do.

Will said...

I better get the spelling right as I dont want the BBC wasting more Licence Fee cash on lawyers.


Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

@SG: Perhaps the logging in thing is what is making the difference, as I tried leaving a comment earlier and it worked fine. But I did not login.

@Will: JV just retweeted this on Twitter: @theJeremyVine should present the Brits as he's so good at cutting people off when they are talking

Will said...

JV has just had the female equivalent of his as a Guest 'having a rant' who is a journalist and 'Agony Aunt' ranting about the 'Mail on line' comments for the drunk driver story.She obviously has time on her hands as she counted the good comments (8) out of 160 and appeared on JV.
'Get a proper job Love' ;-) Condescending enough;-). Hopefully she doesnt get hit by a drunk driver after leaving the studio and she wasnt paid for that slot.

Its the fight back against JV day.Bloke just been on and corrected JV twice and after the 2nd time JV say 'This could carry on for a while so we will leave it there (translated means,I'll loose this so I'll cut you off instead).

JV watch out for falling hammers from building sites or and drunk drivers on your way home;-)

Will said...

2nd Agony Aunt on JV in 30 mins. F*** Me.Words fail me (well not really) ;-)

JV-Friends arent usually diplomatic!

Speaking from Experience there JV?

Ive got this idea of JV friend saying 'Jeremy,why is your show so shit?' ;-)

JV has just had Rab C Nesbit's wife on the phone with a story that they could make in to an episode.

Radcliffe was far more entertaining on 6Music yesterday when I was mobile.

gill said...

Oh dear, my comment should have read Chinese menu.!!

Stonyground said...

I find that if I comment every day I don't have to sign in and don't have a problem. Oddly, yesterday I went to comment on another blog that has a similar commenting format. When I came back here I was already signed in.

I nearly fell off my chair when JV told ZB that he had looked something up and found out some stuff. Speaking for myself I simply enjoy finding stuff out, learning new stuff is a really brilliant part of life.