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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Today's show 06/01/11

1) Ed Miliband : A car pulled up outside Radio 2's studios earlier and nobody got out. His name was Ed Miliband. He stated earlier this week that the "VAT rise will hit families". Is the Bleedin' Obvious his specialist subject? He should fit well in to your show. Next...

2) ITV Criticise Police During Murder Enquiry : Oh good. Another opportunity for you to berate another broadcaster, yet the BBC is always Whiter Than White in whatever it does. Today the BBC is subject of controversy again with its cot death storyline in EastEnders with nearly 6000 complaints received, but that has been conveniently ignored by your show. Ref:   Phil Hughes (Programmes Editor) wrote to me on 16th December and said, "I can assure you Jeremy has no agenda to attack other broadcasters and we have previously discussed BBC issues on the programme, for example executive pay, the FIFA controversy, the proposed closure of 6 Music etc.". To refresh your memory, the executive pay issue was not discussed on the day that the story hit the headlines and you waited until the heat had subsided, and the FIFA controversy was nothing more than a massive plug for Panorama hosted by We-Know-Who. Next...

3) Dead birds in Sweden : Tragic, but does it fall in to the "worthy of national debate" category that your staff have told me is necessary for a story to be discussed. I think not. Next...

How about discussing the fact, apparently, that more people watched EastEnders (10 million, according to R2's 08:00 news) than buy a newspaper?


At the end of the show Jeremy mentioned that Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert) would be a guest on Friday's show, and asked for questions to be emailed in. I sent this:

Martin, I have the utmost respect for you and what you do, and have often consulted your web site for the very useful advice that it contains. Why then do you devalue your credibility and reputation by appearing on the Jeremy Vine Show?
This prompted a reply from JV: "Tony, you never disappoint! Jeremy".