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Friday, 14 January 2011

Today's show 14/01/11

1) Labour's By-Election Win - Labour wins a by-election. Is it a "wake-up call" for the coalition or should the Liberal Democrats be pleased to have avoided a wipe out? : Hmmm... By-elections are renowned for the spin that is put on their reporting, and the political parties will no doubt try to put their spin on them too. So, when was the last by-election that returned the governing party? Any idea? Well, let me tell you. It was the Mitcham and Morden by-election held way back in 1982. Should we be surprised in the outcome? I think not. Next...
2) 90s Couple - Died within 11 hours of each other : Other than telling us that this has happened and everybody (including myself) saying "how sweet", what is there to discuss? I'm sure you'll think of something. Next...
3) Breastfeeding - Weaning your baby onto solids : We have no children, and I am not a woman, so this is of no interest to me, but I predict a whole load of contributors talking over the top of each other. After all, they have a right to express their opinions, don't they. And I have a right not to be told what to think, thank you very much. Next...
4) Freezer - What's the oldest thing in yours? : The answer to your question is an ice pack used in a cool box, but that is not what you are looking for, is it? Anyway, is this news? What the hell has this got to do with anything? As relevant: I still wear a pullover that was knitted by my grandmother, and she died in 1978.
When is the Sound Effects man back? Next Friday?
Meanwhile, alternative entertainment is being arranged for the next two hours...