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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Today's show 27/01/11

Good to see that somebody is doing their job at last... Your web site was updated with today's topics by 11:15, and Paddy O'Connell has finally been despatched from whence he came.

1) Phone Hacking - The police are going to spend millions of pounds investigating phone hacking. Is this a good use of police time and money? : I have no idea, but the evidence suggests that something has been going on. If prosecutions result then it will just go to show the type of scum that work for news organisations in the name of journalism. These are the very same people that feed us - their poor readers, viewers and listeners - a diet of misinformed, inaccurate and fear-inducing drivel that, unfortunately, far too many people believe to be The Truth. This whole issue, yet again, erodes their credibility in my mind and is, hopefully, yet another nail in the coffin of the Dead Tree Press. Did you see Charlie Brooker's "How TV Ruined Your Life" this week? Utterly brilliant! Next...

2) Nimrod or World Service? - Which would you save? : Jeremy Vine meets the X-Factor. Does the one with the most votes get saved? Thought not. Next...

3) Andy Gray - Is there one in your workplace? : Ooohhh... good question. I need to check.... hang on... OK, I've looked around the room and there is nobody else here, so I guess the answer to your question is "No". Unless you mean me? Next...

4) Banning Phones or iPods - While crossing the road : So the actual headline is "New Yorkers 'to be fined for using mobile phones when crossing roads" as in New York, USA. The word "or" does make me wonder why they would want to ban one and not the other though. I wonder how they will decide which one has to go. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the UK, so why do you consider it to be worthy of national debate? But let's look on the bright side... it has taken you until 27th January to feature a story that involves banning. Good effort!

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