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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Today's show 26/01/11

Aaahhhh... a sunny day here in North Wales, your third day back in the Hot Seat and still your web site says "Paddy O'Connell sits in for Jeremy all this week". Go on, take a look, it is there, right below the three pre-fab pictures, and with Paddy's photo below that. Oh well...

1) Mervyn King - Mervyn King says we’ll all have to take a big pay cut if the economy is to recover. Are we all in it together? : This forms an interesting juxta-position with yesterday's discussion about economic growth. As a sole trader I would deliberately have to turn business away in order to earn less, so stifling economic growth apparently and not doing myself any favours. On that basis I'm sorry but this topic is of no interest to me.  Next...

2) Fiddled Expenses - Let down black community? : Racism at lunchtime? Well, I guess it makes a change from paedophilia. Until I read this I had not managed to make any connection between Lord Taylor's crime and the colour of his skin. I really hope that somebody has the guts to take you to task for this, but unfortunately I won't be listening. The Daily Mail will be proud of you. Next...

3) Sexism Row - Should The Sun get rid of Page 3? : Errrr... sorry, I don't understand. The linked page is from The Sun and describes the sacking of somebody called Andy Gray from Sky Sports (sport, who cares?) and makes no reference to Page 3. Now, let me think.... The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and the BBC don't like the Murdoch Empire, do they? So this discussion acts as a Double Whammy against two branches of the Murdoch Empire: SkyTV and The Sun. Yes, I think that must be it. Anyway, we don't receive Sky Sports and I have never bought a copy of The Sun. Next...

4) Proposal - Left on the wrong answer phone : Sweet, but it is not news, is it? Go on, be honest. The Jeremy Vine show: Great music, the latest news, and any other old twaddle we can find on the BBC's web site.

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