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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Today's show 19/01/11

Well I never... your daily web page was updated some time before 10:35 today. I'm impressed!
1) Education Maintenance Allowance - The coalition wants to abolish Education Maintenance Allowance for 6th forms. Does your child depend on it? : We have no children and the abolition does not apply to students in Wales so this is irrelevant to me. Another "England Only" story - Jeremy will be proud of you. Next...
2) Segways Banned - Have you been on one? : No, but I would love to. It is interesting that the BBC news page you refer to ( makes no use of the word "banned". The word "banned" suggests that all use is prohibited by law, but the news page says that their use has only been prohibited on pavements (as they are classed as a motor vehicle) and public roads (as they do not meet motor vehicle requirements) which can only mean that their use on private property is acceptable. Does that count as banned? I don't think so. I don't own one and I am not likely to so how can this be of interest to me? Next...
3) Inflation - Is it good or bad? : Probably. Next...
4) Is Your Child Gay? - Are you thrilled about it? : Hmmm... with a link to a Daily Mail web page. If nothing else, this supports my theory that the JV Show is not much more than a radio version of the Daily Mail, so I'm pleased about that. As in item 1 today, we have no children so how can I possibly be thrilled? Ref.