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Monday, 31 January 2011

Today's show 31/01/11

Good to see your web site updated nice and early today - well done! It's not hard, is it?

1) Higher Rate Tax Payers - An extra 750 000 people will become higher rate tax payers. Are you a higher rate tax payer and struggling? : Errrr... I <my profession> for a living, so the answer is "No" to both parts of your question. I fall in to the category described elsewhere on the BBC page you have linked to: "It concludes that the main winners from the 2011 tax changes will be lone parents who are not working, and low-to-middle income households without children.". What was the problem again? Next...

2) Egypt - Should Britain support the revolution? : Yay! Another vote! Great! Does this mean that if you get more callers supporting a revolution then Britain will support it? No? Oh... that's a shame. Your discussion will, as usual, change absolutely nothing. Next...

3) Padlocked Wood - Is there one near you? : Allow me to remind you that "Scotland and Wales have already ruled out privatisation of their woodland" ( Another "England only" story. Next...

4) Marriage - Are you being pestered into it? : Well, if I was, and I did then it would be illegal. It is called bigamy.

Can't you just tell it is a Monday, eh? I'm surprised you didn't go with this as it has all sorts of scope for sensationalism and mis-information, and upset children too :

"I predict this is going to be a good show". I guess there is a first time for everything Jeremy, but sadly I have to predict that you may be incorrect on this occasion.

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