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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Today's show 18/01/11

Hi Paddy!
Good to see that whoever updates the web site page now acknowledges your presence. Was this as a result of my email yesterday, I wonder. It is just a shame that whoever it is cannot get their finger out and get your web page updated a bit earlier - 12:00 and still waiting. A possible target for the next round of BBC cutbacks perhaps?
1) Racism - Schools are reporting racist language to local authorities. At what age can a child become a racist? : I have no idea, and not having any children I'm not really interested. Next...
2) Libraries Closing - Are you trying to save yours? : My library arrives in a van and stops outside my house. It could not be more convenient. Perhaps we just do it right in Wales. Next...
3) Tony Benn and Dennis Healey - Discuss being widowers.: While I sympathise with their situation, your choice of studio guests does not encourage me to listen. Tony Benn was the man who was hell-bent on closing down Radio Caroline, Radio London and the other ship-based pirate radio stations while the BBC had its head firmly stuck in the sand and refused to recognise the need for any kind of pop music radio station. Dennis Healey was the Chancellor who went cap in hand to the IMF in the 1970s on a previous occasion when a Labour government had bankrupted the country. Being a bit of a military aircraft fan I also know that Healey was responsible for the cancellation and subsequent scrapping of the TSR2 aircraft project and wasted more money on trying to buy F-111 aircraft from the USA, which came to nothing. Can you tell that I am not a fan of either of these gentlemen? Next...
4) Raising Alcohol Prices - Does it stop alcoholism? : I don't drink alcohol at all, and my wife manages to make one bottle of decent wine last a week. Somehow I don't think this will affect us so it is of no interest to me.
"Put down that drink and pick up the phone". Perhaps I should throw it at my radio.
Fortunately alternative entertainment for the next two hours is available to me.