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Monday, 24 January 2011

Today's show 24/01/11

Oooohhh... I'm late today due to other commitments, so a belated welcome back!

I love the way your web page ( still says "Paddy O'Connell sits in for Jeremy all this week.". Perhaps nobody has noticed that you are back!

Time to have a word with your web page editor again, I think, and to remind them of this story:

1) Woodlands - People are angry at government plans to sell off publicly owned woodlands : Living in North Wales the important sentence for me on the linked BBC news page is, of course, "Scotland and Wales have already ruled out privatisation of their woodland.". So this will be another England (and Northern Ireland?) only story then. Next...

2) Compensation Reduced - Because victim dropped a cig : Yay! Another Daily Mail story! What would you do without them, eh? To be fair, they only lost 4% of their readers last year, so they did a lot better than most of the other national titles. The slow lingering death of the Dead Tree Press continues. ( Next...

3) Mixed Race Adoption - Were you saved by it? : I'm afraid not. It would take more than that to save me. Next...

4) Shouting at Customer Services - Is it ever right? : I prefer to verbally tie them in knots myself, so I doubt if this was of interest to me.

I'll try and be on time tomorrow, but it may be tricky.

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