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Friday, 7 January 2011

Today's show 07/01/11

1) Kerb crawling - A woman is furious after a letter was sent by police to her boss which suggested she was kerb crawling in a company car : I've not had a company car since 1984. Next...

2) The Ashes - England clinches the final Ashes Test in Sydney - its first win down under in twenty four years : Did you mention cricket? Zzzzzzzz.... Sorry, I nodded off. What did you say? Next...

3) Beating the VAT increase - In Your Money and Your Life, we speak to Martin Lewis about how to beat the new year VAT hike : Martin is a top bloke. Please ask him the question I sent in yesterday. If not, ask him who is the only member of the Royal family to play football for England. Next...

4) Colchester "wet zone" for alcholics - Is a designated "wet zone" for drunks a good idea in a town centre? : I'm not an alcoholic and I'm glad that I don't live there. Only in England....

You seem to have missed again that the EastEnders cot death story is continuing to dominate the headlines, even on Radio 2's news bulletins. So why are you not discussing this today? Oh wait... let me guess... got it!... it is because it is a story about the BBC, isn't it? And you would not want to allow critcism of your employer, would you? Time for another formal complaint, I think. I have no doubt that Phil will concoct a good excuse ... again.

Complaint lodged on BBC web site:

Mr Vine's programme contained a discussion concerning ITV's criticism of the police force investigating a murder in Bristol, yet chose to completely ignore the story that was dominating the news headlines, including Radio 2's hourly bulletins. This story concerned the EastEnders cot death story line, and that 6000 complaints had been registered in connection with this story.

This is, I feel, yet another occasion when Mr Vine has taken to berate another broadcaster for what they have done, but has then chosen to ignore a controversial story that concerns the BBC.

After a similar complaint in December 2010 I received an email from Phil Hughes in which he wrote: "I can assure you Jeremy has no agenda to attack other broadcasters and we have previously discussed BBC issues on the programme, for example executive pay, the FIFA controversy, the proposed closure of 6 Music etc.".

I contend that this statement is economic with the truth, to say the least. My recollection is that the executive pay issue was only discussed a few days later after the "heat" had died down, and the FIFA controversy was nothing more than a massive promotion for Mr Vine's Panorama TV programme that same evening.

My complaint is, again, that Mr Vine deliberately chooses to ignore news stories that show the BBC in a bad light.

EastEnders: Everybody is talking about it. Except for Jeremy Vine.