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Friday, 28 January 2011

Today's show 28/01/11

1) Egypt Unrest - Egypt appears to be on the verge of a people’s revolution. Do you have a connection with Egypt? : No. Next...

2) Heating Oil Thefts - Have shot up in rural areas : Do you think that the residents of rural communities will thank you for planting this idea in to the minds of thieves? Some may never have even thought of it before, and are currently planning their weekend activities. Next...

3) Babies - Did you have yours early or late? : We've never had one. Next...

4) Re-enactments - Man killed in jousting accident : Hmmm... tragic that this is, what you really mean is "Man killed while enjoying his hobby" but that lacks the "let's make fun of the Sealed Knot" factor. Would you have been discussing this if he had been driving a racing car, mountaineering or hang-gliding? Thought not. There is, of course, an opportunity to try and blame Channel 4 for this accident...

Have a great weekend!


What is this? A Master Class in how to steal heating oil? So far your show has told us what the tanks look like, how to find them, their usual location, the tools needed to do the job, the best time to strike and several methods of how to do it.
Somebody somewhere is taking copious notes.


Did you do ANY research for that item at all? It certainly didn't sound like it, and your complete lack of interest towards the end was very evident. THIS, Jeremy, is why I do not normally listen to your show. It is utter garbage.

Complaint lodged on BBC web site:

Mr Vine discussed the spate of thefts from domestic central heating oil storage tanks today. During the discussion I learnt:
 - How to identify an oil storage tank
 - Where they are usually sited
 - How to determine which properties have them
 - When best to steal

 - Which tools I need
 - Hazards to avoid
 - Where to dispose of stolen oil

Ignoring Mr Vine's apparent lack of any research in to the subject matter, and his very obvious disinterest in the topic (preferring to talk about a tennis match in the middle of it), my complaint is that he has provided all of the information a thief would need to go out and steal heating oil this weekend. I consider this to be irresponsible in the extreme.

If he wanted to discuss this topic (and he clearly did not) then the discussion should have been limited to facts that were of little or no use to the criminal fraternity.

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