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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Update to yesterday's show 25/01/11

I received an email from a member of the JV Show team yesterday at about 12:20. He said, "We’re talking to a <personal interest> manufacturer today.  That might interest you?  Perhaps"

I replied and told him that I would turn the radio on and listen, but by the time I had done so the item was finished and JV had moved on to the next topic.

Later I used Listen Again to hear what the manufacturer had said as he is in much the same line of business as myself. I wrote back as follows:
"I have just used Listen Again to catch this. His experience sounds about the same as mine, so good for him. However, I can't say that my life has been enriched by what he said. Best wishes, ..."

I received a reply soon after: "Best Wishes to you.  We must get you on the programme one day.".

Now there is an invitation to which I will have to give some thought. There is a chance, I feel, that any meaningful discussion would be so loaded against me that I would be made to look an idiot. After all, perhaps the best place to say "I don't like xyz" is not in xyz's studio surrounded by all of the people that disagree with you. And I can imagine caller after caller saying "You're wrong, JV's show is great!" because anybody who has strong feelings that agree with mine will not be listening. A lot of calls end with "Love the show Jeremy", and not once have I heard anybody say "Your show is rubbish, get off", or similar. Hmmm...

The prospect of continuing to be a festering sore is perhaps more tempting!

UPDATE 26/01/11:

Email sent:

Well, many thanks for even considering it, but I will decline any invitation should it ever come my way. I feel that walking in to the lion's den specifically to attack the lion would not be in my best interests.
I would *LOVE* you to have Stuart Maconie in the studio in my place as it was he that wrote: "Every day, hours of the output of supposed news programmes is given over to phone-ins in which the dim and the bigoted, the ill-informed bore who nonetheless is 'entitled to his own opinion', the single-issue nutter and the monomaniac fundamentalist vie to see who can shout the loudest." - a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with. He is obviously more experienced in a studio than I will ever be, and probably able to make his point better than I would be able.
I shall continue to just be a festering sore.

Reply received: "What a wonderful quote from Stuart Maconie!"