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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Today's show 12/01/11

1) Ageism - The BBC has been found guilty of ageism when it comes to older female presenters, but others say the BBC has a right to employ whoever they want : Did you choose this one because I asked you to? If so, I'm extremely flattered and you can give yourself a gold star. I hope the BBC gets a pasting and I'm almost tempted to listen. I'm sure common sense will prevail. Next...

2) Student Protester Jailed - Any sympathy for him? : I have never felt sympathy for any kind of tosser. Fire extinguisher or otherwise. Next...

3) MP Gone To Prison - Should the others get off? : I think you mean "MP Goes To Prison". You should have wheeled Elliot Morley in as a studio guest, just for a balanced viewpoint you understand. Perhaps he is busy. Next...

4) Motorways - I've never driven on one : Is this news? I'm not sure whether to write "Poor you" or "You've not missed much", whoever you are. The nearest motorway to me (the M56) is 60 miles away. Next nearest is the M54 at 75 miles away. After I passed my driving test 35 years ago I asked my instructor to take me for a motorway lesson. What was the problem again?