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Monday, 10 January 2011

Today's show 10/01/11

Aaahhh... the stand-in is back.

1) Bankers' bonuses - Prime Minister David Cameron attacks bankers’ bonuses. We talk to someone who says they’re a good thing. : I'm sure that you can find people who think your show is a good thing too. Pay me enough, and I'd agree. So what? Next...

2) Arizona Killings - Direct result of political rhetoric? : Only 10 days in to the New Year and rent-a-gob George Galloway is back on Radio 2. What the hell has he got to do with anything? Have you not noticed that he is no longer an MP? Does he have embarrassing photos of Jeremy? Why do you waste my licence fee on him? At least he does manage to maintain the depressingly low credibility of your show, so I suppose that is a benefit to you if not to us poor listeners who have to endure his inane tirades. Moving on, I loved your comment on Ken's show when you said "... some people think it would be a good thing to have a biased news channel ...". Let me educate you Matthew. Some people ALREADY THINK WE HAVE ONE, including myself. It is called the BBC. Take a look at if you don't believe me. I can cite many, many examples of BBC bias, particularly its unwillingness to criticise itself. Next...

3) Swine Flu - Alternative  remedies or NHS best? : I last had flu in March 1978, and I have never knowingly eaten garlic. Do you think there is a link? Next...

4) Undercover policeman now backing those he investigated : I sense a character assassination coming up, either by you or from a contributor. Such a shame that I won't be listening.

And why are you being sooooo slooooooow at updating your web page? How am I supposed to write this stuff without you providing the ammunition? I gave up waiting at 12:05 as I did not wish to be reminded of what you wasted our time with last Friday....!