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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Today's show 01/02/11

1) Crime Map - Have you logged onto the crime map on, which lists every crime in your neighbourhood? Are you reassured or horrified? - You are missing the third option: Neither. I entered my post code and when it eventually responded it said "Sorry, we couldn't find a policing area that matched your search". Perhaps there is no crime here, or the police don't know where I live. Next...
2) Paternity Kits - Did you find your child isn't yours? : What child is that then? Next...
3) Elderly Drivers - Have you told your parents to stop driving? : They both stopped over 10 years ago of their own volition. Next...
4) Football - British transfer record broken : Listening to you speaking on Ken's show was very revealing. You took longer talking about this one item than you did on the other three to be discussed today combined. Interesting too that you actually sounded that you knew what you were talking about. Have you been doing some research? If so, that makes a pleasant change. Isn't it a shame that you cannot raise the same level of knowledge on other topics, eh? Anyway, this is a sport story concerning private companies and individuals going about their lawful business. Honestly, am I meant to care? Can your show get any more boring? Can somebody call me at 2 o'clock to wake me up, please? Zzzzzzz....
If you keep scraping this hard there will soon be no barrel left!

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