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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Today's show 15/02/11

1) Elderly - The NHS is being criticised for treating elderly patients with callous indifference. We ask: were you ever forced to intervene with your elderly relative’s hospital care? : That link does not work, it says "404 - Page Not Found". I think the link should be - a good job I check these things, eh? The important sentence is the very first one on that page: "The NHS is failing to treat elderly patients in England with care, dignity and respect, an official report says.". Hmmm... England, not Wales. Next...
2) Prime Minister - How much does he actually earn? : I have no idea, but the page from The Independent that you link to says: "When the new Prime Minister took office two months later, it was at a reduced salary of £142,500.", so that is presumably the answer to your question. If this isn't accurate enough for you then why are you "trying to work out the value of the complete package" when a Freedom of Information request would probably tell you exactly what the PM earns. But then asking the right person the right question doesn't allow you to sensationalise the figures and disguise fake investigative journalism. Anyway, is this any of my business? Why do you think that I should have any feelings at all about this? And while we're on the subject, how much do you earn? As I pay part of your salary I think I should be told. Next...
3) Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - An accurate portrayal? : I've never been to a gypsy wedding, and I've never watched the programme, so how am I expected to have an opinion? A nagging feeling at the back of my mind tells me that you are going to tell me what to think, which I object to strongly. Or is this a thinly-veiled attempt to simply have-a-go at Channel 4? Next...
4) Burglar Alarm - Has one made your life miserable? : Seriously, where would your programme be without the Daily Mail? Do you have to pay them to use their stories? I use the word stories, rather than news because I feel it to be a more accurate description of the drivel that they write every day. Anyway, the answer to your question is "No".
You just played the Madonna jingle where she says "When I want to listen to great music and hear the latest news I tune in to the Jeremy Vine Show". Does she really do that? How often? What about when she is not in the UK? Or is this just pure fantasy?

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