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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Today's show 09/02/11

The tedium continues, apparently...

1) Manchester - Manchester City Council has announced nearly £110 million in cuts. Are they right to cut public toilets first? : I'm just trying to remember when I was last in Manchester.... early 1990s I think. Can you just remind me what relevance this should have to me? I predict the use of lavatorial sound-effects. File under "Shit Happens". Next...

2) 'Vigilante Granny' - A heroine or foolhardy? : Oooohhh, another vote. Unfortunately I have no idea, and have better things to do than watch the video. Next...

3) Private School - Should the state pay for army children to go? : I'm not and never have been in the armed forces, and we don't have any children, so again the relevance of this story to me is totally non-existent. Next...

4) £95 of Petrol - Insisted on paying for it all in coins : SCCCRRRAAAAPPPE! What have we here? A handful of barrel splinters and another non-news story! Interesting that it is the only story today for which you do not supply a link on your web page, but I eventually found one ( The Royal Mint publish clear guidelines on the maximum amounts that can be paid in coins ( and it seems from these that Tesco have done nothing wrong. Is Mr Anderson just wasting everybody's time? If so his contribution to your programme today will fit in perfectly.

Roll on Monday 4th April ... I'm counting down the days.

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