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Monday, 14 February 2011

Today's show 14/02/11

1) Big Society - As David Cameron re-launches the Big Society and calls it his ‘passion’, we ask: do you love or loathe the Big Society? : How about those of us - the majority I would suspect - who subscribe to the middle option of complete indifference? Perhaps we don't make good radio. Next...
2) Blue Badges - Should only wheelchair users have them? - Interesting that you are completely missing the point of the news page that you link to, which describes the problems of mis-use rather than restricting their availability. But then missing the point is one of your specialist subjects, isn't it? You mentioned Boris Johnson on your trail ... does he have any relevance to rural North Wales, or is this more radio specifically for London and the South East? Next...
3) Dresden - Was it a war crime? : Errrr... what are you planning to do? Dig up the culprits and put them on trial? It happened, it is very sad, but nothing you do will change anything. Next...
4) Pet Cat - We speak to a man who hates his : The Daily Mail makes a return to the JV Show, and with a non-news story too - does it ever get any better? Any cat's problems can usually be put right by a good vet and a good diet.
34 TO GO!

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