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Monday, 28 February 2011

Today's show 28/02/11

WHAT? No Jeremy? I'm heartbroken... Well, OK, I'm not really. In fact, I couldn't care less.

Instead the mysterious Mr O'Connell returns for two days of tedium, sensationlism and drivel. Ho hum...

1) Motorways - With the government considering increasing the speed limit on motorways to 80 mph, we speak to someone who went on a speed awareness course and says they’ll never speed again : We speak to someone? Who is that then? Some bloke off the street who happened to be passing? Doesn't he have a name? They have motorways in England you know, and there is one a long way away in South Wales. My nearest one is the M54 at Telford, about 90 miles away. The important word here is, of course, "considering". Interesting to hear your trail on Ken's show when he asked whether the speed increase was quantifiable and you replied "Not to me". That sounds to me as though you have already made your mind up on this. Does that count as bias? Jeremy will be proud of you! Next...

2) Air Rifles - Footballer Ashley Cole is alleged to have fired an air rifle at a work experience student. Why are people allowed air rifles? : I have no idea. I have never owned one, I have no desire to own one and I don't know anybody who owns one. Mr Cole seems to be a footballer, so increasing the irrelevance of this item further. Next...

3) Foreign Aid Budget - As the government is criticised for increasing the foreign aid budget, we speak to someone who says we’re quite right to give money to India : Is that the same "someone" anonymous passer-by who is speaking about motorways? Would you like to speak to someone who thinks your show is rubbish? If so, my phone number appears below. Next...

4) Not sure what is going on with the fourth story today. The web site says : "Wild Horses - The Welsh town of Bridgend has been overrun by wild horses, left there by gypsies" (see attached) but on Ken's show you said it was a story about drunks having to pay for treatment in hospital, or something like that. Is it safe to say that the left hand and the right hand have not communicated well today? No surprises there then.

I had a thought over the weekend.... SkyTV broadcast several hours of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programmes each week. Although most of the programmes appear on the Sky Sports channels both Sky and WWE are very careful not to describe their wrestling as "sport". Instead, the call it "sports entertainment" which, when you think about it, is actually a very clever description. Now, I'm sure you will agree that the JV show does not qualify to be classed as a factual news programme, so how about giving it a new classification: NEWS ENTERTAINMENT. Sounds good, doesn't it?

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