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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Today's show 10/02/11

1) Prisoners' Rights - As MPs vote today on whether prisoners should get the vote, should convicts be allowed to vote? : Is anything that anybody says on your show today going to make a difference? Thought not. Next...
2) Liberal Democrats - Are you a fed up Lib Dem? : No. Am I missing out on something? Next...
3) Taxi Clamped - Confrontation ensues : Did you find this one in the Daily Mail? I did. The interesting thing about the Mail's story is that clamping of vehicles on private land is soon to be "outlawed under new legislation being introduced in the wake of a long-running campaign by the Mail". I have often compared your programme with the Daily Mail but there is, apparently, a difference between the two in that the Daily Mail actually seems to have changed something. Changing something - anything! - is, of course, something that your programme has consistently failed to do. Perhaps you should try it some time. (Ref. Next...
4) Bedsheets - How often do you change yours? : I despair of you Jeremy in that you can possibly think that this is a topic worthy of "national debate". What are you thinking? There is even meant to be a picture of a dust mite on your web page but it just shows as a blank space with a red "picture not found" cross in the top left corner (see attached). Perhaps your question should have been: What should we talk about when we run out of news? The answer is, of course, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
I'm even more incensed today as I paid for my TV licence yesterday and I know that some of it will go towards the broadcasting of your programme. However, after eight long years of waiting there are only 36 more Jeremy Vine shows after today until the BBC finally provides me with a lunchtime radio show that suits my taste. And about bloomin' time too.

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