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Friday, 18 February 2011

Today's show 18/02/11

1) Alternative Vote - There will be a referendum on the Alternative Vote. What is it, and is it a good idea? : The Welsh Assembly has had something similar since its inception. Where Wales leads the rest of the UK might follow! Next...
2) A Lollipop Lady - Is being cut : Lowestoft. About as far away from Wales as it is possible to be, and we do not have children who go to school. I loved your comment on Ken's show "... and Lambeth, which I believe is in London". It is, and only a few miles from where you are sitting. Geography, who needs it, eh? Next...
3) Wedding Plans - Are yours tearing your family apart? : What wedding plans are those then? Again, on Ken's show you mentioned that you "try and get to the morning meeting" yet PH wrote to me on 28th January and said, "He takes part in the morning editorial programme meeting ...". Forgive me, but I would have thought that your attendance at these meetings should be compulsory. On the other hand, it does explain a lot if you are not there every day. Next...
4) Terry Walton - Joins us from our allotment : An interesting change since Sound Effects Man's last appearance on 4th February. On that day the allotment was described as "his", but today it is described as "our". Have "we" bought it? Anyway, it is utterly pointless radio at its worst.
30 TO GO!

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