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Monday, 21 February 2011

Today's show 21/02/11

Hi Vanessa,

I don't think I have written to you before, so please allow me to introduce myself. I live with my wife and three cats in rural North Wales. I have my own one-man business and work from home, with Radio 2 as my companion from 8:30am to 6pm, except for the lunchtime radio desert that is the Jeremy Vine Show. Every day I email Jeremy and tell him why the topics he will be subjecting his listeners to are of no interest or relevance to me, and for those reasons I will not be listening to his show. Unfortunately that also means that I won't be listening to you today, and these are the reasons why:

1) NHS Food - Lloyd Grossman says he spent 5 years trying to make NHS food better, and he’s failed because no one would take it seriously. We speak to someone who says people should stop complaining about NHS food : First story of the week, and it is from the Dead Tree Press rag known as the Daily Mail. What a surprise. Is that the clattering of hooves I can hear? Yes, I think it is. It is the sound of real journalism galloping off in to the sunset, never to be seen again. Next...

2) Colonel Gaddafi - Should we have made friend with Libya? : Shouldn't that be "should we have made friendS with Libya?". Sloppy work from a sloppy show. Is it only me that reads this rubbish? I didn't hear you mention of involvement from George Galloway on this - perhaps he will only speak to JV - but it would not surprise me if you dragged him into the discussion. His contribution makes your show unlistenable and I've attached a photo that you can look at should you happen to talk to him.

Just a thought, but maybe you should have had this discussion on 14th April 1986, which was the day before the US Air Force bombed Libya using UK bases to do so. Next...

3) 2nd Child - Could you not afford to have one? : We don't have any children, so how could we have a second one? Next...

4) Buying Alcohol - Should you need a licence? : The first and last time I drank alcohol was in 1978, and I've not touched a drop since. My wife drinks one bottle of wine a week, spread over several days. While I am happy for you to waste your time talking about the possibility of yet more State intervention in to normal peoples' lives, this really is of no interest to me.

I'm not surprised to see that you are maintaining Jeremy's unfortunate low standards.

All of the emails that I send to Jeremy, and any other relevant communications are recorded on my blog:
More tomorrow!

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