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Friday, 25 February 2011

Today's show 25/02/11

The irrelevance continues and gets worse...

1) Colonel Gaddafi - Does Britain have any of Colonel Gaddafi's billions and, if so, what should we do with them? : So, which bank do you think is going to call your pathetic programme and say, "Yes, Mr Gaddafi has an account with us, which currently contains £x million". Dream on! As for what to do with it, I'd suggest giving it to the BBC so that they have sufficient financial resources to provide me (a licence payer) with some decent lunchtime radio entertainment. Pigs preparing for take-off...! Next...

2) Tesco Express - Another blow to the community? - I missed your trail, and there is no link on your web page, so I have no idea what this about. For your information, my nearest shop of any kind is 4 miles away. A Tesco Express in the village would be of use, but I'm not sure it would make any money. Whatever this is about, my prediction is that it is irrelvant to me. Next...

3) Car Insurance - Should your gender affect your premium? : I knew you wouldn't let me down! This is a Daily Mail story! YAY! Let's all celebrate. Anybody who doesn't change their car insurance company *every* year is spending more money than they need to. And I'm not a woman. Next...

4) Dying Relatives - Do you remember their last words? : A nice cheery story to end the week, sending us all off in a good frame of mind for the weekend. Oh, I'm being sarcastic in case you hadn't noticed. What happened to Terry Walton? I miss him.

Now, and I never thought I would say this, but I'm looking forward to JV's return next week. At least his topic bias is more bearable than we have seen this week.

Ms Feltz : The choice of discussion topics this week has sunk to levels of irrelevance that I thought were impossible, and I can only assume that you have had some influence on this. Now, please go back to your normal programme and don't come back. And please, please, please, take the JV Show's format with you. Let's banish it to the middle of the night where it belongs.

One word to sum up this week's programmes : DIRE

Now, go away.

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