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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Today's show 22/02/11

1) Earthquake - The New Zealand city of Christchurch has suffered a catastrophic earthquake. At least 65 people have been killed, with 200 believed to be trapped under rubble : Tragic, but are you going to make a difference? Next...
2) Fried Chicken Shops - Is one ruining your street? : Funnily enough, but no. The nearest one appears to be about 20 miles away, and I can't smell it even when the wind is in the right direction. Anyway, I'd rather have something to eat. Next...
3) David Cameron - Should he take arms dealers to the Middle East? : He's already done this, so Isn't this a bit late? I have no idea what Cameron should do in this situation, and nor do I have the time to read enough to form an opinion so I will remain in blissful ignorance. Next...
4) Silent Treatment - Do you prefer to be silent rather than row? : And this is news, is it? An utterley pointless discussion.

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