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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Today's show 16/02/11

"Sarah Cox, absolutely lovely" ... that must be a different Sarah Cox to the one that was (is?) on Radio One then. Some of us remember her, unfortunately, from Channel 4's The Girlie Show where she took great delight in giving out her Wanker Of The Week (oh, the irony!) award in which some hapless male in the news was lambasted for some alleged misdemeanour or other. I suppose your show has replaced that particular aspect of her TV career, but in not such a sexist way - allegedly.
1) Paedophiles - Should paedophiles have the right to come off the sex offenders register if they’re no longer a risk? - Aaahhh... paedophiles - a JV Show speciaility. Is this really the best that the mighty BBC can supply for lunchtime entertainment? Until 4th April I think it probably is. Next... 
2) Recompense - Given to man forced to wear thief placard : And this is news, is it? Oh, no, it can't be as it is yet another story stolen from the Daily Mail. Have you got shares in Associated Newspapers? I've just sent them an email asking about the use of their stories by Radio 2, see below. Next...
3) Ed Balls - Joins us in the studio : Can you ask him a question for me? Can you ask him: What is it like being second choice? Next...
4) Berlusconi - Why do some Italians still love him? : I've been to Italy three times, but I have only spent about three hours in the country. It looks quite nice and the people seem friendly, but I do feel that I have insufficient background knowledge of the Italian culture to be able to answer your question accurately. Instead I would have to rely on what I read in "the papers", hearsay, speculation and conjecture but I won't do that because that is your job, isn't it.
The above-named show often features stories that appear on MailOnline, and the show's web page often includes a direct link to a MailOnline web page.
Can I ask, please, what arrangements, if any, exist (financial or otherwise) between yourselves and Radio 2 for this to happen? If no arrangement does exist, can any other news broadcaster make use of your features in this way?
Many thanks!

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