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Friday, 11 February 2011

Today's show 11/02/11

I'm a bit busy today, so apologies for being slightly briefer than normal...

1) Tension in Egypt - Up to one million demonstrators are expected in the centre of Cairo as President Mubarak refuses to resign. Two Egyptians tell us whether he should stay or go : I wonder if Egyptian music radio stations ever give such in-depth coverage to UK political affairs. Somehow I think not. Next...

2) DNA Database - Should it expand? : I've never been arrested so I have never given a DNA sample. Next...

3) Your Money or Your Life - Getting a job - I've already got one, thanks. Next...

4) Letters Pages - "Am I alone in thinking...?" - My parents used to get the Daily Telegraph when I was a child, so it will be 40-odd years since I last looked at a copy of this particular offering from the Dead Tree Press. How about publishing some of the anti-Jeremy Vine show emails you receive? I'd be interested in those. Or am I the only one that writes such emails to you....?


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