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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Today's show 08/02/11

Here we go with another two hours of listening to paint dry....

1) Banks - As the Chancellor announces another levy on banks, is it time to stop blaming the banks, or have they not suffered enough yet? : I'm not sure how much blame and suffering affects a company as I have always considered those emotions are entirely human traits. Next...

2) Small Print - Do you read it? : Yes, if only to see the look of anguish on a salesman's face as my pen hovers over the Customer's Signature space on an order form while I peruse what I am actually signing for. Next...

3) Traumatic Food Poisoning - Dr Sarah Jarvis joins us : Sounds horrible, and not the kind of thing I want to be listening to while I eat my corned beef sandwich today. Next...

4) National Anthem - Do you know ours? : Enough to get by, thank you. As for Ms Aguilera's performance at the Super Bowl and your "Can she be forgiven?" question it is best to remember that nobody died and the person who never made a mistake never made anything. Have you managed to find Blitheroe on a map yet?

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