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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Today's show 23/02/11

Today's show has started and your website still says its Tuesday. Is it really that difficult to update it on time?

Doctor & The Medics recorded a song called "I Keep Thinking Its Tuesday". Perhaps you should include it in the show today.

You could also make a new jingle: "The Jeremy Vine Show - leading the way by not knowing what day of the week it is". Feel free to use it with my blessing - no charge!

You are absolutely hopeless and it annoys me that I have no choice but to pay for this poor service. How am I meant to write my daily diatribe without you giving me some ammunition?

And finally, at 12:06 the web page is finally updated, so on to today's irrelevance...

1) Skipping Meals - Have you ever skipped a meal so that your children could eat? : What children are those then? We don't have any. Next...

2) Libya - Should we rescue Brits working there? : I've never been to Libya, I'm not likely to go, and I don't know anybody in Libya so am I supposed to have an opinion on this? Needless to say I don't, but no doubt you will try and implant one in to my mind. For that reason, I will not be listening. Next...

3) Food Allergies - You think your child has one, but NHS doesn't? : I refer you to my first comment above. Next...

4) TV Adverts - Do you prefer them to the programmes? : Is this news? We have this wonderful device called Sky+. It is ingenious and Mr Murdoch has done a fine job of producing something that the BBC could not be bothered to attempt. By recording everything we want to watch and fast-forwarding (30 times normal speed) through the adverts we don't have to watch them. Reading the Telegraph's story I suspect that this will turn in to another attack on non-BBC broadcaster, so I will mark it as such.

Interesting that your last item today has a link to the Daily Telegraph's web site. I saw a story about the Daily Telegraph earlier ( that suggests that the Telegraph will start charging for use of its on-line news from September. It is not the first member of the Dead Tree Press Preservation Society to do this, and I believe that The Times and the Financial Times have already hidden their sites behind a so-called Pay Wall. It raises the question in my mind as to what you will do if any other newspapers go this way, and in particular the (appropriate for your show) non-quality titles such as the Daily Mail that you refer to so frequently. What will you do? Oh, I know.... you'll just link to BBC pages instead. Nothing like an easy way out, is there? And there is nothing like professional journalism, and the Jeremy Vine Show is nothing like professional journalism.

April 4th cannot come soon enough!

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