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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Today's show 02/02/11

There are a couple of items to deal with before I get on to today's menu...

Yesterday I told you that the police "crime map" web site could not find any policing area for where I live. Well, I tried again last night and it actually gave me the statistics for my area. Please allow me to share them with you:
All crime and ASB 0
Burglary 0
Anti-social behaviour 0
Robbery 0
Vehicle crime 0
Violent crime 0
Other crime 0
So, I was correct when I wrote yesterday "Perhaps there is no crime here".

BBC Radio 2 news bulletins yesterday afternoon announced some very, very important news that will have a profound affect on my daily routine. The news was, of course, that Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie are moving from evenings on Radio 2 to weekday afternoons on 6 Music. Until a few days ago I was under the mistaken impression that we could not receive digital radio here but a friendly electrician working at my house the other day had a portable digital radio with him and proved this not be the case. So, I will be buying a digital radio and will be switching from Radio 2 to 6 Music every afternoon from Monday 4th April. Unfortunately R&M's show does not start until 1 o'clock but I'll probably switch over at 12 o'clock to see what they are doing, and rejoining Radio 2 at 4pm for the last hour of Steve's show. At this stage I am not sure what that will mean for my daily emails to you and my blog, but I think I may just keep them going just to keep you on your toes. It does, of course, mean that the chances of me hearing anything of interest on your show will be virtually eliminated. Yay! I am very pleased about this change and am glad that the BBC have finally chosen to do something about the lunchtime radio desert here in North Wales. The BBC press release is here:

Moving on...

1) Pfizer - Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is closing its plant in Sandwich, Kent, with loss of up to 2400 jobs. How devastating will this be for the community? : Undoubtedly unfortunate, but I don't live in Sandwich so I have no idea how this will effect the local community. Odd, isn't it, that when an employer here in North Wales announces job losses (Wrexham & Shropshire Railway, North Wales police, Indesit, TetraPak, even BBC Wales, etc.) that it doesn't get a mention on your show, but one in Kent does. The Jeremy Vine Show - the local news show for London and the South East. Next...

2) Mubarak Leaving - Autocracy or democracy best? : Oooh... another vote. Now let me think. I'll go for ... errr... Democracy. I never knew you had so much influence! Next...

3) Debt Collectors - Have they made your life a misery? : No, never. Next...

4) Govt Sends Plane To Egypt - Should people pay £300 a seat? : I have no idea, but what is your discussion going to change? Nothing!


I missed your trail on Ken's show today. I was just changing my CD and the player flicked back to radio. And whose dulcet tones did I hear? None other than George Galloway! What a treat for your listeners, as this is the second time this year that they have been subjected to him.
Just to remind you:
 - He is no longer an MP
 - He would turn up to the opening of an envelope if somebody paid him
It is about time he slipped in to something more comfortable. A coma, perhaps?
I need to update my blog now ... how fortunate that the CD stopped.

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