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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Today's show 17/02/11

1) U-Turns - The government has announced that it will no longer be selling off our woodlands. Critics have called this yet another U-turn, but on the other hand, could we call this a listening government? : You could call it whatever you like but I have no opinion, and even if I did I would keep it to myself. Next...
2) Drink-driving - Have you ever had to do it? : No. What a ridiculous question. Next...
3) Mother Jailed - For restraining drug-addict daughter : This was described by you on Ken's show as "Dreadfully depressing", and for that reason I will not be listening. Next...
4) Handbag - More important than your husband? : Blimey, you're going up-market today with a non-news story from the Telegraph. I guess it makes a change from the Mail. Anyway, I don't have either a handbag or a husband.
31 TO GO!

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