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Monday, 28 February 2011

Complaint response 07/01/11

Email received from BBC 28/02/11, in which they completely ignore the point that I made:

Thanks for your e-mail regarding the Jeremy Vine show broadcast on 7 January and please accept my apologies for the delay in responding.

I understand you felt the programme should have discussed the EastEnders cot death storyline. I’ve since consulted BBC Radio 2 and they explained to me that they did discuss the possibility of covering the story, but decided not to.

Whilst I appreciate that you personally felt it should have been covered by the Jeremy Vine show, I should point out that this subject was widely covered across the BBC at the time. It should be remembered that the Jeremy Vine team hold the right to decide on the topics they feel are of interest and importance to listeners. Given the huge range of listeners tuning into the programme, it’s inevitably going to be the case that some people will feel that their particular topic of interest holds more importance than another and may be unhappy when it isn’t covered. It can sometimes be a difficult balance to get right.

Nevertheless, please be assured that your complaint has been registered and forwarded to the Jeremy Vine production team for their noting.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact the BBC.

Yours Sincerely

xxxxx xxxxx
Complaints Advisor
BBC Complaints

Follow-up complaint lodged:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately you have completely missed the point of my complaint.

My complaint was that Mr Vine chose to discuss another broadcaster's (ITV) output rather than discuss a story that potentially showed the BBC in a bad light. Unfortunately he has a record of doing this.

Please believe me when I write that I have no interest in EastEnders, cot deaths or a discussion on this topic. My complaint is that the whole issue was "swept under the carpet" and another broadcaster's behaviour was targetted that day.

Can I ask that you re-read my original complaint from 7th January and respond more appropriately?

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