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Friday, 6 May 2011

Today''s show 06/05/11

Welcome back Matthew!

I'm still here to remind you that the lunchtime offering by Radio 2 is really not want I want to listen to, and taking the trouble to tell you why. After all, Jeremy is always asking his poor listeners to "tell us what you think", so I do. Each day he never fails to disappoint as he spoon feeds us his diet of biased irrelevancies in the hope that somebody, somewhere might be influenced by his doctrines. Somebody, somewhere might be influenced, but I am certainly not.

Let's look at today's post election offerings then...

1) THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - The Liberal Democrats suffer heavy losses in English council elections. What would your advice be to Nick Clegg as he enters a more challenging phase of his coalition with the Conservatives? : Is Nick Clegg going to be in the studio? If not, why not? Will he even be listening? Will he care about what is said on your programme today? Will he even know about it? I think not, and I feel sure that he will have more pressing matters to deal with today. To me the most important word in your web page text today is, of course, "England" and so it has little relevance, if any, to me as a resident of Wales. Next...

2) THE SCOTTISH ELECTIONS - The SNP is heading for victory in the Scottish elections - we go live to Scotland to find out what's happening : Errr... "we go live"? As opposed to what, exactly? While it is good to see you giving attention to UK countries other than England, I feel sure that you could have devoted some time in this segment to your listeners in Northern Ireland and Wales but you have chosen not to and so again it has no relevance to me. Next...

3) 7/7 CORONER INQUESTS - The coroner at the inquests into the killings of fifty two people in the 7/7 bombings will today make recommendations on how to avoid future deaths: Hmmm... I wonder if she has read
. Next...

4) BOWLING GREENS - And we discuss the threat to the country's bowling greens : I have never been bowling, other than the 10-pin variety. Is this news? Really?
I'll be listening to 6 Music if you want me.

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