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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Today's show 13/05/11

My sincere apologies to all of my blog readers for the late posting of this message. This was due to the website being shut down due to technical problems. At least, that is what it said.

Normal service has been resumed...

It is 12:05 and your web page has not been updated yet, so what can I do to fill the waiting time? Oh, I know, I can tell you about an article that was in the Daily Telegraph a couple of days ago. It can be found here
 and is headed "The BBC reports the news – just as long as it suits its agenda". This is a view that I have held for a long time and again it raises the question of a so-called state broadcaster funded by taxation of the state's population (also known as the Television Licence Fee) that then only broadcasts the news that it feels is relevant. The BBC Complaints Department has told me many times that the BBC and its reporters are impartial, but they seem to be the ONLY people who actually believe that to be the case these days. I guess it is inevitable that the BBC are reluctant to investigate this. I still think it would make a cracking topic for your show.

12:11 and still no web page update ... shall I come back when it is more convenient?

<10 minutes later...>

Oh, here we go...

1) NAZI DEATH CAMP - It’s taken decades to get John Demjanjuk convicted for his role in killing 28,000 Jews in a Nazi death camp. In his defence, he says he was a Ukranian prisoner of war and had no option but to participate : Hmmm... interesting stuff. I note your spelling of "Ukranian". The rest of us spell it correctly as "Ukrainian". Next...

2) PAYING FOR THE PLAYGROUND - Wandsworth council in South London has brought in a £2.50 admission fee for one of its playgrounds. They say it's justified because of the cuts : We don't have children, and we don't live in Wandsworth, so this is of no interest or relevance to me. It also falls very squarely in to radio for London and the South East. I am left wondering of what interest this could be to your other listeners in, say, The Hebrides, or Cornwall, or here in North Wales. Next...

3) MARTIN LEWIS: MONEY SAVING EXPERT - Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis joins us after one. Our topic — did your debts, or your partner’s, trigger a mental breakdown? : I have the greatest respect for Martin and what he does, and his only Black Mark in my book is that he appears on your programme. And I never knew he was a psychologist. Next....

4) TERRY WALTON - And finally, Terry Walton on the official allotment, planting brussels sprouts and the symbol of Wales, the leek : Oh good, he's back. My wife is the gardener here and she grew sprouts and leeks last year. What a shame that she is at work! As for me, the only thing that I grow in the garden is grass.

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