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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Today's show 12/05/11

Thanks for calling yesterday, it was good to talk to you and exchange views.

I'm very busy today but I've just taken a look at today's menu:

1) THE FIRST TELEVISED DEATH - For the first time on British television, we watch a man dying and taking his very last breath. Some people say it's a step too far. We speak to his vicar, who says it will help us all understand the meaning of death.

2) BURGLARY SENTENCES - Should all burglars automatically go to jail, or are there cases that don't warrant prison? Should Judges still be able to have some flexibility?

3) GERRY AND KATE MCCANN - We speak to Kate and Gerry McCann. How do they cope with the abduction of their child? They tell us why they want the authorities in Portugal and Britain to have a fresh look at the case.

4) STATION TICKET OFFICE CLERK SACKED - Lastly, a station ticket office clerk from Lymington in the New Forest, with an exemplary record is sacked for taking a shopping trolley off a live rail and breaking health and safety rules.

To be honest, I cannot think of anything to say other than that none of today's topics are of any interest to me at all. Normally the words flow from my fingers to the keyboard without much thought, but that is just not happening today and I just have not got the time to think about what I should say.

So, I'm going to give us both a day off!

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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