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Monday, 23 May 2011

Today's show 23/05/11

A very wet and windy day here in North Wales today, so let's so what delights you have that might just take my mind off the weather...

1) PRIVACY LAWS - Many of today's newspapers say that privacy laws are a farce, as Twitter users circumvent the injunction over the identity of the footballer. However, we talk to three people who praise our privacy laws : Hmmm... "Many of today's newspapers" says it all. Newspapers, a.k.a. The Dead Tree Press ... who cares what they think? I know that I certainly do not, and I would not give one jot if they all vanished tomorrow. Hopefully, and in my life time, the newspaper as we currently have it will vanish from our lives, and so save the earth's resources in the process. As for the Twitter/privacy thing, well don't you think it strange how the “uncontrolled” Internet is applauded when used against established governments in other parts of the world, but is not when used for a far more trivial purposes here? I do. Next...

2) IRISH ANCESTRY - As Barack Obama arrives in Ireland, birthplace of his great, great, great, great, grandfather, do you know people who exaggerate their Irish ancestry? And why do people do it? : No, I don't know anybody who exaggerates their Irish ancestry, and I have no idea why they would do that. The only people I know with an Irish ancestry are Irish people. But that misses your point, doesn't it? Next...

3) CHRISTIAN GP REPRIMANDED - A doctor faces disciplinary action after allegedly preaching Christianity to one of his patients : Had I been under treatment by this particular GP and had objected to his line of conversation then I could have told him quite simply to "Shut up", or similar. Alternatively, I might have engaged him in an argument or discussion about the virtues of Christianity, and wasted a whole load of his time, and mine. Move along, nothing to see or talk about here. Next...

4) PET RABBITS - Finally, rabbits are Britain's third favourite pet. Why would anybody keep, what Woody Allen describes as a 'rodent', as a pet? : Errr... because they can? It goes to show that Woody Allen knows nothing too, as rabbits are not rodents, and I've never liked his films. A similar question could be: Why would anybody want to listen to, what the LunchTimeLoather blogger describes as 'rubbish', the Jeremy Vine Show? People, eh? Will we ever understand them?

Guess what ... it is still raining.

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