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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Today's show 18/05/11

Remember your interview with Howard Schultz from Starbucks last week. How could we ever forget? There are pages and pages of stuff about it on the www, including ("Schultz did a good job of defending his company ... I was sufficiently impressed with Mr Schultz that I’ve ordered the book that he was plugging") and ("Jeremy Vine's disrespectful and attacking interview skills left me thinking how rude and utterly uneducated he is on his interview subjects"). Anyway, after I had used iPlayer to listen to it I sent an email to the Starbucks press office and asked if they would pass on my thanks and congratulations to Mr Schultz for his fine performance. This morning I received a letter from them and enclosed with it was a pre-paid Starbucks store card, which was very kind of them and completely unexpected. I don't drink coffee, but my wife does and she loves Starbucks coffee so this will see good use on future visits to England. So, thanks to Starbucks for their generosity, and thanks to you for the opportunity to get something for nothing!

On to today's treats:

1) THE QUEEN PAYS HOMAGE TO THOSE WHO FOUGHT FOR IRISH INDEPENDENCE - It's the second day of the Queen's historic visit to Ireland. Yesterday, she paid homage to those who fought for Irish independence against the British. There will be more of the same today. Is there a danger she's having her nose rubbed in it? : I have no idea. She is doing her job, and like everybody else she has good days and bad days while at work. She'll get over it. I wonder if she likes Starbucks coffee...? Next...

2) FUSSY EATERS - One in five Brits have never even tried an olive. Are we a nation of fussy eaters? Are you a fussy eater who's ashamed of being fussy? : Is this news? I've never knowingly eaten an olive, but as one who thinks that salad served with a steak occupies valuable chip space I am no more fussy an eater than any vegetarian. I am picky with my food and I have most of the characteristics of a supertaster ( and this can cause difficulties at times. Generally, the more ingredients in a meal the less likely I am to enjoy it. However, I am not ashamed of being fussy so this is of no interest to me. Next...

3) INFLATION VERSUS UNEMPLOYMENT - Inflation rises to 4.5% but unemployment is still lower than many feared. We debate what's worse, inflation versus unemployment : Blimey, that first sentence took some thinking about. Use of the word "expected" rather than "feared" would have made it clearer. I lived and worked through the rampant inflation of the 1970s and we have nothing like that at the moment, so frankly this all sounds a bit dull. Next...

4) THE FIRST FEW DAYS IN JAIL - And finally, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is incarcerated in the notorious Rikers prison in New York. If you've been to jail, how much of a shock were the first few days? : Can you guess? I haven't been to jail.

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