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Monday, 9 May 2011

Today's show 09/05/11

I was listening to Jon Holmes on 6 Music on Saturday afternoon, and was a little shocked to hear your dulcet tones coming from my radio. You can hear it too at by fast-forwarding to 1:02:30. Now that would be a programme that I would listen to!
I see you are going up-market with your choice of topics culled from the Dead Tree Press today, with two from the Daily Telegraph...
Let's see if we can find four good reasons to switch to 6 Music at 12 o'clock...

1) GOVERNMENT POLICY CHANGES - Should the Liberal Democrats be able to force the Conservatives to change their policies in government? : While I have my doubts that David Cameron will be hanging on your every word, he may have read the Telegraph story that you have stolen. I was under the impression that the LibDems already had forced the Conservatives to change their policies, and that these kind of disagreements are covered in the Coalition Agreement. Am I missing something? Do I care? Will your discussion change anything? Next...

2) EUROPE DAY - It's Europe day and the rest of Europe are flying the EU flag, apart from number ten Downing Street. Are you flying the EU flag for Europe day? : And so we sink back in to the dark recesses of the Daily Mail for this one ... oh dear. Are you flying one over Western House today? If not, why not? Like the majority of your listeners, I don't have a flagpole so the answer to your question is "No". I might burn one later though. Who thinks up this rubbish? Next...

3) HEAD INJURIES - Doctor Sarah Jarvis joins us to talk about head injuries. Did you have a serious knock on the head? What happened? : Yes. It hurt. I got over it. Fortunately it was not bad enough to do lasting damage ... or did it? Next...

4) THE ROYAL FAMILY - Finally, at the moment MP's aren't allowed to debate the Royal Family in Parliament. We speak to a Welsh MP who says this is nonsense and he wants to debate Prince Andrew : Back to the Telegraph for this one, but I am sure that they have a better understanding of English grammar and would never put an apostrophe in the plural of MPs. Tut tut. The biggest hurdle to this debate will be, of course, Squeaker Bercow and if I were a gambling man I would bet that this it will not happen and, again, I am left puzzled what there is to discuss.

That looks like four good reasons to me!

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