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Friday, 20 May 2011

Today's show 20/05/11

Anything of interest today? Let's take a look...

1) SIR FRED GOODWIN - Part of the injunction against Sir Fred Goodwin has been lifted, following the speech by Lord Stoneham in parliament yesterday. He claimed this is not 'tittle tattle', the public have a right to know, because as the head of one of Britain's biggest banks that subsequently collapsed, the affair with another employee, would have affected his ability to do his job. However, we talk to someone who says having an affair has no effect on your ability to do your job and it's none of our business : As a self-employed sole-trader I am struggling to think of who I could have an affair with as I don't seem to have any employees. The construction of that second sentence is dreadful, with too many commas. I think it should read "He claimed this is not 'tittle tattle' and the public have a right to know because, as the head of one of Britain's biggest banks that subsequently collapsed, the affair with another employee would have affected his ability to do his job" and even then there is scope for further improvement. So whose business is an affair? Mine? Well, I would have to overcome my complete lack of interest first. The Meeja? No, but they will make it their business anyway. Next...

2) AN EYE FOR AN EYE - A woman in Iran who was blinded by a man in an acid attack after turning down his offer of marriage, demanded her right for justice and retribution under Muslim Sharia Law, by having the state blind her attacker with acid. Dominic Lawson says "What's wrong with 'an eye for an eye' and the punishment fitting the crime?" : A tragic story, but should I know who Dominic Lawson is? Hang on... <Googles "Dominic Lawson">. Oh, he's a Dead Tree Press journalist. In my mind this makes him a complete non-entity and his opinion is of no consequence or interest to me. Next...

3) IS THE BOOK SHOP DEAD? - The book shop Waterstone's is up for sale and now twice as many people are choosing electronic books over the traditional hardback, on the internet retailer Amazon. We talk to someone who says the book shop will never die : I've just checked the Waterstone's web site and have found that my nearest store is about 50 miles away. I'm not sure I have ever been in one, to be honest. I *love* books and have a large library of my favourites. Fortunately we have an excellent book shop in a nearby town and they can - and do - obtain anything that I want, and ebay and Amazon have a role to play in my book purchasing too. Being of a somewhat specialist nature most (all?) of the books I would want have never been and will probably never be published in an electronic format. Oh, and the comma in the first sentence is not needed and could cause misinterpretation. Not deliberate, was it? Next...

4) SPEEDING IN SWINDON - In Swindon, in a pilot study, they're replacing speed camera's with traffic lights. So if you're speeding you'll come up against a red traffic light : Where Slough leads, Swindon follows. A similar scheme was used in Slough 40 years ago. A stretch of road had a 30mph limit (if I remember correctly) and there were traffic lights every 100 yards or so. If you did 30mph then you would get green lights all the way. Any faster then you would get a red light every time. I'm not sure how or why Swindon reckon this is a pilot scheme when it has been done before, but there you go, and Swindon is a long way from here.

That'll be a "No" then. I'm surprised you didn't use this story today:

UPDATE: Email received from JV: "We were tempted".

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