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Monday, 16 May 2011

Today's show 16/05/11

Another week, and can't you tell it is Monday...

1) SPEEDING POINTS - As Liberal Democrat Chris Huhne furiously denies he got his wife to take his speeding points — have you ever done that? Or done it for someone else? : I have never been stopped for speeding, so the answers to your questions are "No" and "No". There is some interesting stuff about this on Guido Fawkes's web site at
 but I suspect that this is a bit too near the knuckle for the BBC, unless you are feeling brave today? Next...

2) IMF CHIEF ACCUSED OF RAPE - The French head of the IMF and socialist candidate for presidency is arrested in New York after allegedly trying to rape a chambermaid. Some in France are asking 'Was he set up?' : And presumably some in France are also saying "Good, they got him", while the vast majority will be saying "Who?". I had never even heard of Mr Strauss-Kahn until yesterday, and I'd bet that he has never heard of me, so let's keep it that way. I wonder if a French radio station is discussing Huhne's speeding points today. Somehow I think not. Next...

3) NHS REFORM - NHS reforms — time to put the brakes on, or do we need them more than ever? : The first sentence on your linked BBC news page tells me all I need to know: "David Cameron will try to rally support for planned changes to the NHS in England, in a speech to health staff.". The important words are, of course, "in England". England, not Wales where I live, or Scotland or Northern Ireland. So, I have no need to listen to this. Next...

4) HINDHEAD TUNNEL - A tunnel has been built under the Devil's Punchbowl beauty spot in South East England. It’s the longest in Britain and it was open to walkers at the weekend — is that how you spent your Sunday? : No, I didn't, but I have walked through a tunnel. The words "South East England" tell me that this is a story that just had to be covered by you today, but unfortunately it is a long, long way from here.

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