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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Today's show 24/05/11

Unusual, don't you think, for Tuesday to be a slow news day ... but it seems to be the case today:

1) VOLCANIC ASH CLOUD - As another Icelandic volcano spews out its ash, we get the latest on the grounded planes in Scotland and how the ash has turned daytime into night in Iceland itself : Unfortunate. File under "these things happen". Next...

2) PARENTS IN PYJAMAS - Head teachers in Middlesbrough have told parents not to drop off their children while still wearing pyjamas. Jeremy talks to Chris Wain; Headteacher of Pallister Park Primary school and BBC reporter Andy Bell : While I can understand you talking to the Headteacher (is that really just one word these days, and not Head Teacher?), the input from Mr Bell will probably be pointless. This seems to be the trend now with news reporting, in that rather than talking to the people involved or who know exactly what is going on, reporters now just talk to each other. I guess it is a cheap way of filling news bulletins, but only with opinion and conjecture rather than fact. It is odd too that you only chose to cover these happenings when they started happening in England, as it was FOUR YEARS AGO that similar dress behaviour was reported by the BBC in Northern Ireland (
). Today then I will be awarding you "Only In England" and "Non-News Twaddle" stars for this item. Next...

3) SHALE GAS - America's found the answer to its energy needs – one hundred years worth of shale gas. We're now drilling for it too. But is it safe and environmentally friendly? : I had to laugh at this from your linked news page: "Some householders claim that shale gas leaking into their drinking supply causes tap water to ignite.". Yeah, right, of course it does. Shale gas that is "10,000 feet underground" percolates nearly two miles up through the earth's crust and then miraculously performs some kind of ion transfer process that allows it to pass through metal or plastic pipes holding water under pressure and burst in flames out of water taps with no source of ignition. Sorry Jeremy, this is complete rubbish but indicative of the standards of reporting in the UK today. Mr Harrabin could have given his piece some credibility by asking "How does this happen?" but he chose not to, so I can only assume that he has made it up. Anyway, I've just sent him an email asking for his explanation, and miraculously I've just had a reply! He tells me: "Many share your incredulity.". I challenged him again with: "So you made it up then? No facts, no news!", and his reply was "No that's silly". Well, doesn't that say it all! Sensationalism rules Harrabin's article and hard facts are somewhat lacking, and unfortunately I would expect you to take the same approach, so I see no point in listening. Next...

4) RYAN GIGGS - We're joined by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming, who named Ryan Giggs in the Commons yesterday, as the footballer who allegedly had the affair with Imogen Thomas : Ryan Giggs? He's a professional footballer, I think, and not one of the prettiest. As for Imogen Thomas, perhaps she should have gone to SpecSavers. Zzzzzz.....

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