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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Today's show 11/05/11

Wednesday, and you just about manage to scrape two proper news stories together, bolstered only by a promotion or a bashing for a well-known chain of coffee shops and finished off with some mindless irrelevance...
1) STARBUCKS - We talk to the Chief Executive of the international coffee giant Starbucks. Do you hate Starbucks? : Do I hate Starbucks? No, of course I don't. What an utterly stupid question. Where has this story come from? And why are you targetting Starbucks in particular when there are many other specialist coffee outlets on our streets? One of the few criticisms that is levelled at me about my blog and my daily emails to you is: If you don't like his programme, don't listen! This is, of course, a fair point and it is the conclusion that I came to years ago. It would seem to me that if somebody really does hate Starbucks then perhaps they should adopt the same philosophy and not visit that particular chain. However, that is probably far too simplistic a view for you and you will, somehow, manage to find a stick with which to beat the Chief Executive. I admire him for going on your programme though. I've just checked their web site and my two nearest Starbucks stores are 59 and 65 miles away, which is a long way to go to hate anything. Perhaps I could hate Starbucks better if they opened a store a bit nearer to where I live. I hate the Jeremy Vine Show ... perhaps you should discuss that one day. Oh, and I don't drink coffee. Next...

2) DISABLED PEOPLE PROTEST AGAINST CUTS - Disabled people protest against the cuts. They say they are being hit the hardest : They are entitled to their opinion, and to protest. Next...

3) CARELESS DRIVING - As the government wants to introduce on the spot fines for careless drivers, we speak to someone that says 'I only under-take and tailgate because of all the bad drivers on the roads.' : Whoever "someone" is, it sounds like they are going to have an expensive time from 2012 - IF the legislation goes through. The only thing that is changing is how that fine is processed, and that is all I need to know so I have no need to listen. Next...
4) HOUSEHUSBANDS - Is being a house-husband just an excuse to put your feet up and watch Countdown? Does your househusband actually do the housework? : So, does "house husband" have a hyphen, or not? And shouldn't the question be: Is being a house-husband just an excuse to put your feet up and listen to Jeremy Vine? It begs the question: What is the difference between Countdown and the Jeremy Vine Show? The answer is, of course, that one is an entertaining, witty, informative, educational and much-loved daily show with a huge band of loyal followers of all ages and the other is hosted by Jeremy Vine. On Ken's show you asked "Why are we doing this story?". The same question went through my mind 30 minutes ago but only you can answer that question Jeremy, and perhaps your poor listeners may like to know the answer. Anyway, I am not a house-husband or a househusband, and I am usually too busy to watch Countdown, so this is of no interest to me.
Nothing from the Daily Mail today, which is a shame as I was sent this link yesterday: I could not have put it better myself. Watch, listen and learn!
I won't be listening today.

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