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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Today's show 11/05/11 - Part 2

Readership of my blog went ballistic today, thanks to your Starbucks item. Most of the readers had found it due to doing a Google search for "Jeremy Vine Starbucks", which at 14:45 this afternoon showed my blog TWICE above your own web page. See attached screenshot if you don't believe me.

One of the searches shown in my blog's traffic analysis was "jeremy vine gets owned by starbucks man". Now this made me curious, and so I've just had a quick listen on iPlayer. "Owned by Starbucks man" is indeed an accurate description! You were hopeless, and a million miles away from the "A broadcaster at the top of his trade, with intimate knowledge of his subject" accolade used by the Sony Radio Academy.

There were many instances of sub-standard interviewing but the best one was when Howard Schultz explained that Starbucks IS a global brand and does not attempt to hide that fact. You obviously did not hear this as you then immediately accused him of saying the exact opposite! He accused you, rightly, that "You are putting words in my mouth".

I just *LOVE* it when somebody stands up to you!

And good for him for refusing to do your stupid and contrived Taste Test. I do a Radio Test each lunchtime, and I can easily spot the crap that eminates from Radio 2 between 12 and 2, as compared with 6 Music for example. What's my point? There isn't one. And there was no point in your Taste Test either.

You said, "Our listeners are allowed to have a point of view". Are they Jeremy? Are they really? Or are they only allowed to have a point of view that coincides exactly with your own personal agenda?

I don't drink coffee but I will now always remember that Starbucks is my favourite coffee chain - because they gave you a good hiding today!

Jeremy Vine : 0, Starbucks : 1

And you wonder why I won't appear on your programme ... keesh!

I've got a proper job. Have you?

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