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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Today's show 03/01/12

Oh good, you're back. And so am I. I am here to continue my one-man assault on the pointless and ridiculous programme that you broadcast. It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. After all, nobody else seems to hold you to account, do they?
Today's issue that affects me: Toast, or fried bread?

At the end of 2010 I suggested ten New Year Resolutions for you in 2011. Let's take a quick look at how they held up:

1) I resolve to watch every edition of NewsWipe that Charlie Brooker produces this year, as it is the only TV programme that shows news reporting for what it really is : He didn't do many, but his 2011 Screen Wipe was very good: I hope you watched it.

2) I resolve to obtain and check the facts for topics discussed on my radio show this year, and not discuss a story until I have done so : Well, that didn't happen, did it? Fukushima being the obvious example with you saying "We should have got an expert in to explain this".

3) I resolve to do some of my own research and not rely on the rapidly declining Dead Tree Press for the majority of my stories : There was an increase in the number of stories based on BBC reports, but the Dead Tree Press continued to provide the so-called facts behind a large percentage of your programme. Remember The Guardian's "facts" that finished off the NOTW? All lies!

4) I resolve to not do any unwarranted and unjustified character assassinations, even if the person concerned is growing a giant hedge in Plymouth : Again, that did not happen, with Clarkson and various Murdochs being the prime targets. Try doing one on Comrade Galloway - I'd listen to that.

5) I resolve to look at both sides of every story before discussing it on air and finally realise that just one side is really not enough, even if I agree with one side more than the other : Three words: Cameron's Euro Veto. Biased BBC from start to finish.

6) I resolve to learn how to use the microphone fader to keep my contributors under control, rather than have discussions descend in to an unlistenable free-for-all : From the snippets I heard, this didn't happen either amd your microphone fader remains unserviceable. Perhaps a move to the new studios in Manchester may help?

7) I resolve to listen to and read the criticism of my show and acknowledge that it exists by mentioning it on air : Again, that didn't happen.

8) I resolve to try making a difference by championing a cause, rather than just talking about somebody else trying to make a difference : There were plenty of opportunities to do this, but they were all ignored.

9) I resolve to remember that not everybody lives in London and the South East of England : Again no, with a discussion about London Underground train drivers on 14th October as an example.

10) I resolve to accept that I am not always right : I think Howard Schultz did a magnificent job of highlighting this particular failing.

I'll suggest the same ten for 2012, and we can review them again in 12 month's time. OK?

It was good to see that your web show page was updated before 10am this morning. Please make this an every day event as it makes my morning routine so much easier.

So, there has been no news for 10 days or so - apparently - so let's see what jewels of news trivia you have managed to find today...

1) FAULTY BREAST IMPLANTS - We talk to someone who says the NHS should pay to remove faulty breast implants : Yay! A good start to the year with a story that is a week old and features a mysterious "someone". Will you be finding another "someone" to point the alternative point of view, I wonder? Anyway, I am still not a woman and so - can you guess what is coming? - this item is of no interest or relevance to me. Next...

2) SHOOTINGS - Following the multiple shootings in County Durham, are you worried about someone who has a legal gun licence? : I am not aware that any of the people I know has a gun licence, so my answer to your question can only be "No". Next...

3) RUNNING - It’s the New Year, and the Olympic year. Are you about to start running to keep fit? Before you put those trainers on, listen to our essential guide : Sorry, but I don't do running. Next...

4) STORM - As storms rage across the UK, how bad is the wind where you are? : Where I live it was a bit breezy earlier, but a quick check out the window reveals that it has now reduced. I did pick up a piece of polystyrene foam from the front garden though. Reports from elsewhere in Gwynedd suggest that we got away lightly. I am amazed that your programme has resorted to that old British conversation stop-gap: Talking about the weather. Has Radio 2's prime time news programme really come to this? Has it never been windy before? Utterly pointless and irrelevant. Remember the old saying: If you have nothing to say then say nothing. You should try it some time. Happy New Year!

Now, if you had really wanted to cover a story a week old you could have covered this one:
Labour turns on BBC over 'pro-coalition coverage'
The Labour party has made a "serious complaint" to the BBC about a lack of political balance in its news coverage as it attempts to reinvigorate Ed Miliband's leadership and counter what it sees as widespread media bias in favour of the David Cameron-led coalition.

All I can say is that they must be listening to a different BBC to the one we get here, as all I seem to hear is Miliband et al being given airtime to ram home their point of view at every possible opportunity. I wonder if their "serious complaint" will get the usual response of "your views are very important" and "we have recorded your complaint in the audience log", which is all I ever get.

Also in the broadcast arm of the BBC, aka The Guardian, was this piece of pro-BBC propaganda from multi-millionairess Polly Toynbee:
How the badly maimed BBC can stand up to parasitic Sky
It is one of the biggest loads of rubbish I have ever read about the BBC, to be honest, so The Guardian and the BBC are probably proud of it. Oh, by the way, The Guardian have now increased the number of corrected stories concerning phone hacking from 37 to 38. Just thought I'd mention that as it shows that particular paper organ for what it is.
Let's leave it there today - more tomorrow!
The Jeremy Vine Show - so dull we are talking about the weather


gill Kerry said...

How bad is the wind?? Has JV not digested his xmas Brussels sprouts yet? He may need that microphone fader

Stonyground said...

Ken Bruce was ragging him again today. He said it was OK to keep on broadcasting for another five years after everyone is telling you to stop.

Milliband complaining that the Beeb is biased agains Labour is hilarious. It is a bit like the churchy people for whom the Beeb's constant barrage of pro-Christian propaganda isn't quite enough. Richard Dawkins does one pro-atheism show on Channel Four and the Godly are screaming that the BBC are anti-Christian. I presume that the anti-Labour sentiments that Milliband is perceiving are at least on BBC shows.