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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Today's show 25/01/12

I'm busy today, and to offer some relief from yesterday's diatribe, let's just have a quick one today...

Good to see on your Twitter feed that you are aware of the Leveson Inquiry and today's appearance of the NOTW journalist known as the Fake Sheikh: Instead of reporter Mazher Mahmood appearing off-camera at #Leveson, what about if everyone at the hearing had to dress as a sheikh. How we laughed. Good to see too that your "Murdoch Empire Only" filter is in full working order as you conveniently ignore evidence given by the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and our very own BBC. Well done. Your masters will be proud of you.
But you won't be discussing that today, will you...
1) GROWTH FIGURES - With growth in the UK down by 0.2%, we talk to someone that says zero growth is no bad thing – it’s time we got used to it and embraced it : It was, of course, Gordon The Great who said "No more boom and bust". Well, he was half correct, I suppose. Do I need another mysterious "someone" telling me what to think? No, I don't think I do, thanks. Next...

2) PARENTS WALKING OUT - One in five parents who walk out on their families end up never seeing their children again. Do you remember the day your dad walked out, never to be seen again? : No, sorry, I don't remember that, because he didn't. Next...

3) SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE - Alex Salmond starts the consultation period on the Scottish referendum. Today we have a special programme on the big questions that will affect Scottish independence: What will happen to the pound, the Queen, the debt, the BBC, passports and the army? : As a resident of Wales, I hope you will understand how little interest this holds for me. Next...

4) NORTHERN LIGHTS - Have you ever seen the wonder that is the Northern Lights? Apparently this week it’s even been visible from northern England : Apparently? Haven't you checked? They may have appeared in Northern England, but not here in North Wales. "Is it Aurora Borealis?", you asked on Ken's show. Prior research never has been your strong point, has it?
Some days you make this really difficult, and today was one of those days, only alleviated by the forthcoming cut-and-thrust of PMQs...
The Jeremy Vine Show - No Costa Concordia today, for some reason


Will said...

You must have known the Ban was coming,if they can ban you?

They say they will read your emails but wont investigate.I hope they do a better job of investigating than JV does when he investigates stories.Heard Ken's bit and

1:He got debt and Growth mixed up(A protential TORY Chanellor then).He also said 'everyone buys a car,everyone drives and everything grinds to a halt.

Who is this Everyone and are they related to 'someone' ;-)

2:He's begging people to listen now;-) 'After 1pm we have a debate on Scotland,so please listen.

Thankfully I forgot the radio this morning so Im JV Free today!!

Myself personally I think you do more damage to the JV show with this blog than you do with writing to BBC Complaints.Although they say they go on the log we only have the BBC's word for that and as this is the BBC who knows what happens.

This blog comes up when you put Jeremy Vine into google and it isnt something the BBC can edit or sweep under the carpet.Along with Twitter this will do more damage than the BBC complaints.

Email them and tell them they will have to let go of the extra students they brought in and it wont be long before they are outsourced to India or somewhere even worse like Salford.

I would like to say who ever wasted money commisioning the truly terrible 'The Royal Bodyguard' should have to walk around Salford on their own as punishment.If they survive then they should be sacked. Poor David Jason,surely he cant be that broke??

gill kerry said...

I trust you will be writing to the trust, then?
didn't hear JV and ken this morning as went out early. As Will said, who are these 'everyone'? I don't have a car, don't even drive actually, as personally decided to use public transport years ago, and always made sure I lived in a town or city with good links. I can remember from years ago when Reggie Boozeanquet (sic) always referred to some amorphous 'they' in his news reading. I always wondered who 'they' were. It was never me thats for sure!
havn't seen royal bodyguard, as trailers looked rubbish, can't fault sherlock and Doctor Who, 'tho. And Call the Midwife is good. It's the current affairs programmes that do my head in, so to speak. Apart from Jimmy Al Khalil,on BBC4. Think that's how you spell it. Cannot abide Brian Cox either. Prefer the astronomer from Queen.

Stonyground said...

I picked up on the 'I think it's called the Aurora Borialis or something isn't it?' statement, proving that the Beeb's defence against the acusation that he doesn't do any research is bogus. But what about the statement that the Northern Lights are caused by 'solar flares that erupt from the Sun and set fire to themselves'. I actually giggled for several minutes about that.

Stonyground said...

I did a Google search on JV and mostly the search results seem to think that he is wonderful. There are, however, a healthy number of dissenters, I particularly liked this post.

Re: cyclist on Jeremy Vine again!
by stewartpratt » Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:41 pm

Jeremy Vine is just the Daily Mail for people who can't read. Don't feed the troll.

gill Kerry said...

Did JV really say that about the northern lights? Another nail in the coffin of research.