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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Today's show 05/01/12

Congratulations! Only the second programme of the year and you are featured on the Biased BBC web site again ( where "Merlin" has written:
Morning folks, Just had to endure the Jeremy Vine show and was shocked beyond belief on one of their (unchalleneged!) guest's  take on the causes of the Stephen Lawrence murder. The guest's theme was that 'indigenous' population of this country are all racist nasty thugs who hanker for the Empire days, that racism is rife in our culture and that the whole white population of Britain should be held responsible for this vile crime. This went completely unchallenged by Vine UNTIL a speaker called from Dorset and blew out of the water the show's obvious liberal bias. Interestingly, the articulate (and obviously livid!) lady began by stating that she was 'disgusted' by the other guest's suggestion that we are all somehow responsible for the awful crime and went on (successfully) to highlight the complete liberal bias and racial stirring that the BBC was promoting. Strangely, the show ended very quickly after this voice of reason rightfully shamed the mischieveous BBC on air.
All decent folk will be rightfully horrified at the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence and my sympathies are with his family BUT for the BBC to air nationally the notion that we are all to blame for this because our culture openly fosters this type of behaviour is offensive and disgusting in the extreme. Their political correctness and anti-British attitude has gone too far this time.. My complaint email has been posted!

Not believing all that I read or hear, I decided to take a listen ( from 35 minutes in) and Merlin's description is pretty accurate. However, I would disagree with the Dorset Lady that your programme is "well balanced". Well, I would, wouldn't I?

Today's issue that affects me: Why have you blocked me from following you on Twitter? Time to do something about this, I feel....!

The windy conditions that the rest of the UK has suffered over the past couple of days - and so covered on your programme - have hit us here today, although I have seen worse. Earlier I had to go outside to rescue my wheelie bin from the road. The combination of windy weather and a wheelie bin surely makes me a prime candidate for an appearance on your programme today, so give me a call if you would like my contribution. You've got my number. I've always wanted to be a "someone".

And with all this talk about racism, perhaps you will be mentioning Labour MP Diane Abbott's tweet in which she said "White people love playing "divide & rule". We should not play their game". Substitute any white MP for Diane Abbott, and substitute "Black" for "White" in the tweet, and there would be an uproar, with the BBC joining the campaign for a high-profile sacking. Frankly I could not care less what she says or writes, but with the resulting furore I am curious as to why it took the BBC about 12 hours to finally cobble something together for the news web pages ( I am left wondering if our Corporation's efforts would have been so slow for anybody else. Ho hum...
So, is the 5th January 2012 going to be the day I listen to the Jeremy Vine Show because it contains something of interest to me? It doesn't look like it...

1) GETTING OVER A MURDER - Doreen and Neville Lawrence have expressed some satisfaction that the killers of their son are now behind bars. But we talk to someone who says it’s never really possible to get over such a serious crime : Ah, another "someone". This must be really difficult but it is not a situation I have ever been in, and hopefully that will not change. SVG9 today, I think. Next... 

2) GULL TRAPPED IN TREE - 15 fire fighters from Norwich are called out to rescue a seagull trapped in a tree : And this is news, is it? BBC Radio Norwich might have been a more suitable outlet for this particular story, but no, the whole country has to endure it. Thanks. Have you ever thought of sacking the person who makes you talk about this stuff? Was the seagull affected by your programme on 26th October when you discussed: SEAGULLS - Do you have a problem with antisocial seagulls in your local town? I hope not. Next...

3) METAL THEFT - With metal thefts soaring, is it time to replace all our metal monuments with glass fibre? : Last discussed on 15th November AND 26th August. We are both sounding like stuck records, so for the third time then: This is a real problem, and one of which I am only too aware. The main part of the problem does not lie with the people who take the metal but with the scrap merchants who will exchange it for cash with no questions asked. Thefts would be reduced if it were made more difficult to get the material in to the scrap metal process, and the easiest way to do that is to make each delivery traceable. Something needs to change, but - as usual - you will only talk about it and I feel that I already know enough on this topic. I had dealings with many scrap metal merchants 25 years ago, and I never met one with a conscience. Next...

4) CAPITALISM - Finally, has capitalism failed most of us, or can it ever recover? : With two huge assumptions in that statement your bias shines through like a blinding light. Somehow I don't think you are including yourself in "us", and I would appreciate if you didn't include me in "us" either - ever! I note your comment on Ken's show when you said "We have Paul Mason coming in who has a book out...". Yay! More blatant advertising on the Jeremy Vine Show. Please tell Paul that I won't be buying it. Thanks.
So, why have you blocked me from following you on Twitter? Please feel free to respond to any of my recent tweets or emails on this subject. Rest assured that ignoring me will not make me go away - precisely the opposite, in fact.
The Jeremy Vine Show - blocking Twitter followers because we don't like free speech


Will said...

As I finished my nights this morning then Ive stayed awake so heard JV on Ken's bit for 1st time this year.

Stephen Lawrence again so that's 90 mins now,only another 30 min section and it is up to the 2hr show they did when those kids were executed a few years ago aboard. I do hope JV gives the same amount of attention to the next black kid that gets killed?? How many kids got killed in London last year and how much time did JV spend on it,30 mins if they are lucky?

Maybe JV is spending this amount of time to put over the fact that he and the BBC isnt racist?? Cmon JV your Millionaire lifestyle living in North London is a world away from the lifestyles of most people so dont try to make people think that you know what it is like as that wont work know matter what type of condescending type of voice you put on.

This story is being covered in such detail as its a quiet news week and 24 hr news has to fill its time,which is the reason I never watch the news.I dont think the Lawrence Story would be filling the news so much if there were other stories that the BBC deem to be more newsworthy.Diane Abbott will take over abit more I bet now.If there could be anyone more terrible of the leader of the Labour party then it's Diane Abbott and the labour leadership agreed with which is why 0% of the membership voted for her.

Where's the BBC's coverage of the Manchester shooting? Funnily enough just down the road from Media City in Salford.Lovely area that the BBC has spent million's relocating too and I thought Sheperds Bush and White City was bad :-) It could be worse they could have moved to Moss Side :-)

Funnily enough George Galloway has just been on 5 Live saying that Black's being racist against White's is fine but White's being racist against Black's is totally unacceptable!! George how about Racist behaviour is totally unacceptable what so ever NO MATTER WHAT COLOUR YOUR SKIN IS!! ONE RULE FOR ALL.

Anyway back onto JV.He had a go at Firemen on Ken's bit,saying "Whatever they do while they are waiting to go out to fight a fire or get a bird down from a Tree.JV,I would rather they be on standby and getting paid for it as opposed to you sitting on your arse with your insignificant existence and contribution to daily Life.They are life savers,make a real difference on a daily basis,that's something you cant say and neither can I but then Im not always slagging them off either.

I hope you never need the Fire Service but if you do then maybe you will realise that they could be the difference between you and your family living or dieing!!

Still avoiding the show at the moment,although Im missing some "Comedy Gold" moments no doubt but just cant bare it at the moment.

On a wider point of the BBC then they showed some good stuff over Christmas and NY mainly on BBC2 and BBC4 and along with some of the programmes coming up look interesting then I still think the Licence fee should be a choice and you choose certain channels or the whole thing.

If the BBC is so good and they dont think they will loose viewers then give people the choice?? But we know if people had a choice then Im sure there would a big drop in people paying for the BBC.

I object to 1p of my licence fee going to JV,Ken can have my 1p's worth that JV would normally get.

Stonyground said...

The interesting thing about the Dianne Abbot issue is that had a white MP said tha same thing about black people, he/she would have instantly been kicked out of his/her job. The fact that a black public figure can make racist remarks that a white public figure would be villified for, proves that those who like to preach to the rest of us about how racist we are, don't have a clue what they are talking about.