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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Today's show 18/01/12

11:31 and I am listening to you on Ken's show and ... what's this? ... your web page has been updated. Well done! This means that I get this rubbish written before PMQs starts at 12, which I will watch with interest and in preference to your programme.
Talking of this rubbish, you will be interested to know that readership of my blog is growing nicely, with 125 unique visitors yesterday. Total visitors for the month 20th December to 18th January (including the ten days or so when you did not broadcast and I did not write) is 1531. Compare this with, say, the 1061 visitors for the whole of October and it is pretty clear that my readership is growing nicely. Again, I thank my readers for sparing their valuable time each day.
Going back to yesterday's programme... Interesting to see that The Daily Telegraph has removed the cyclist/copper video from their news page, and there has been some suggestions that the tape is not quite as current as they made out and may be up to a year old. But you wouldn't have checked this because you read it in the paper, and they are never wrong....!
So, no Leveson? No Miliband? No new London airport? No news? Apparently not...
1) COSTA CONCORDIA - Have you heard the tape of the Italian captain being told to return to his sinking ship? Do you feel any sympathy for him? We talk to someone who says he’s been made a scapegoat. Find out more in this article from the Telegraph : For the third day running..... Zzzzzzzzz. Have I heard the tape? No. Do I feel sympathy? No. But some poor misguided fool there thinks this will make good radio. And look: you have another mysterious "someone" on the show. Where do you get them from? How can I apply to be a "someone"? I'd love to be one so that I can come on your show and spout irrelevancies in the vain hope that somebody might believe what I am saying. You keep labouring the point that the cruise company appointed the captain and so they should take responsibility for his actions, but that could also relate to your beloved BBC. If (when!) you make a mistake who takes responsibility for your actions? You? Or the BBC? It was, of course, the BBC that appointed you. Next...
2) BIG ISSUE SELLER - A Romanian woman has been told she can receive housing benefit because she sells the Big Issue. Is selling the Big Issue a proper job? Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail : I have no idea, or interest as this story is from the Mail. I've just checked their web site and my nearest outlet for the Big Issue is in Birmingham, which is 120 miles away. Ask me one on capital cities of the world. Next...
3) MASSAGE - We discuss the primary school in Sheffield where children are encouraged to massage each other. The headmaster says it’s great for health and relaxation, but the parents don’t like it : No children, not a parent, don't live in Sheffield, don't need to listen. Next...
4) WIKIPEDIA - The owners of Wikipedia have shut it down for the day to protest against proposed anti-piracy laws in America that they claim will restrict its use. Are you someone whose life has been changed by Wikipedia? : No, my life has not been changed, but I do find it a useful tool. You asked on Ken's show "Are we too reliant on Wikipedia?". Perhaps you should use it more, because then you might have known that a Spitfire has only one seat and that the Germans did not have jets until the closing months of WW2. Just a thought. However, I can't help but think that today would be a good day to go to a pub quiz.
The Jeremy Vine Show - we don't do real news


Mark Holmes said...

Have emailed the show again today with your very point re: responsibility for Vine's mindless drivel being the responsibility of the BBC as they appointed the irritating berk in the first place.

Some interesting and useful discussions today; I particularly liked the children’s massage in a school in Sheffield.

The Jeremy Vine Show, dealing with the country's real issues. Professional journalism at its best.

Will said...

Great minds think a like as I thought the same about JV and his performance.The BBC are responsible for his decline in so called talent.

If he has been like this years ago then no way he would have got Newsnight!!

2 classics so far at 1pm.
Ken introducing JV,Del Amitri playing always the last to know.Ken said 'If you listen to JV show then you will always be the last to know' I think this might be regarding his cyclist story.Funnily enough Youtube always tells you the date a video was uploaded. 2 mins research would have discovered that.I wonder if it was brought up this morning in the 'meeting' JV quality BBC journalism at its worst!!

No 2:JV played a song with lines in it saying 'You like to think you are cleverer than you actually are' JV, they are sending you a message there who put the record on the list for you to play;-)

Day 3 of Ship Diaster,JV has now spent the same amount of time on this as he did Stephen Lawrence.Who decides what they talk about and for how long? 3 Days of JV talking about stuff he hasnt got one clue.

The way he is talking about Wikipedia,I sure he is getting it mixed up with Google?? Either that or he thinks Wikipedia is a Search Engine?

We should start a campaign to get the JV show moved to Salford as its a 'News Programme' and all 'News Programme's' on the BBC have moved to Salford havent?? Great way to get rid of him hopefully??

Wikipedia at moment,Not discussing why it is closed down today but lets just talk about it as a Website.
Earlier he said that they were on strike todayWell done JV,all count you to get it wrong and come across as a class A1 Tosser.)

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

@Mark: I like your style!

@Will: It was on 2nd March that BBC Complaints told me: "I must reiterate that the Jeremy Vine team hold the ultimate right to decide what stories to cover on any one day. ... Our audience feedback shows that their editorial team’s story selection is not of huge concern to the vast majority of Jeremy Vine listeners."

So there ... you are not meant to be concerned. Now, please, do as they say. ;-)

Will said...

Anyone else posted on the R2 Facebook page about the awards and whats good and whats Bad.

JV is taking abit of a slagging.On the Good,Ken keeps getting mentioned as a few others.Wouldnt be surprised if the negative comments get deleted.

Still there at 15.55pm though.Back at work today so heard all of it today.I wonder if he will do Boat story tomorrow??

Stonyground said...

As Will mentioned that You Tube videos are dated, I just went and checked. Presuming that they are referring to the same video clip that I was, it was posted on 31/03/2011. My comment that it must have been a year ago was a slight exaggeration but it can hardly be called news now can it?

JV remarked on Ken's show that since Wikipedia is sometimes inaccurate, would we be better off without it? Is a collosal mine of information that is nevertheless short of being 100% accurate better than no information at all? Hmmm...let me think...actually, yes I think it just might be.

Will said...

Under JV's argument of better being without something that is inaccurate then his show and he should be axed straight away as when does that actually get things right.

Put it this way I'll believe Wikipedia before I believe JV. Funnily enough what small amount of research Streaky Bacon does is from Wikipedia as he frequently gets stuff wrong and his excuse he got it from Wikipedia!

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments but only concerning why you are not interested. Tell your followers what you DO want to hear !

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks for your comment Anon, but I have done that many times. Click on "Discussion Topic Suggestions" in the Labels box (right side of page) or use this link to see some of my suggestions. All have been sent to JV, and all have been ignored.

Of course, what I would really like to hear between 12 and 2 is a Radio 2 programme along the lines of that produced by Messrs Bruce, Wright or Mayo. You know the kind of thing. Something that entertains rather than makes me want to throw the radio out of the window.

More info here too: